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   Clifford & District Lions Club
     The Clifford and District Lions Club was chartered on January 27,1979 and has been active since that date, serving the community and fulfilling needs.
     Meetings are the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Clifford Fire Hall.
     For more information call PDG Lion Ivan Campbell at (519) 327-8132 or reach him by e-mail at

            35 Years of Service

     Our 1st major Activity and Fundraising program was "A Community Affair", held July 13 and 14th  1979. It started with a free dance on Friday night, Children's Theatre, Fastball competitions, Pancake Breakfast, Bike races, Consumer Arena Displays, Beef Bar B Que, Beer Garden, Local variety Gong show and two Big dances, one in the arena and a 'Disco Evening" dance in the Community Hall. One of the hi-lites over the weekend was the Womens Senior Fastball cahamps, the Milverton Suns playing in a double header against the Buffalo Maroons of the USA.
     After all our "huge" expenses we were still able to realize a profit of over $2,000.
     Not bad for a newly chartered Lions Club doing our very 1st Fundraiser.
     Over the years we always came up with new ideals for fundraising. Our 2nd fundraiser was a Car Rally that also did well. All monies went back into our community for Youth programs, sports equipment and so on.

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Donald Butler*
John Dietz*
Henry Locking*
Wayne Demerling*
George Paulin*
Allan Manto (later transfered to Hanover Lions)
George Holder *
Graham Lamont*
Elmer Yost 
Garry Camm
Jim Worsley
Frances Third
Sheldon Wolfe*
Ruth Wolfe

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In Loving Memory of
Lion Ruth Wolfe

            In Memory of Lion Ruth Wolfe

     On Tuesday, January 29,2013 we mourned the passing of Ruth Wolfe of Clifford. Ruth was more than a wonderful caring mother, a grandmother, she was an inspiration to all who knew her.

Ruth was never afraid to take on a challenge. Her love and devotion were shown when she without question took on the care of her Mother, Father, while raising five children. Ruth worried about everyone.

This ability to care for others was natural as her mother was a nurse while her father a minister.

Ruth along with Sheldon could be counted on to volunteer their time for any community event.

Guider Ruth, was active in the Girl Guide of Canada organization, from being a leader, served on various positions for the area. Ruth was very active with the Girl Guide camp, Camp Keewaydin located near Goderich.

Ruth served for many years on Clifford & District Horticultural Society, Clifford Meals-on-Wheels, Clifford Historical Society, Clifford Figure Skating Club, Recreation Boards, Minto Retiree Activity Group, Clifford & District Lions Club; Clifford Vitality Group, Adult Fellowship, Member of the Knox United Church Board, U.C.W. Unit #five and other Church related groups.

Ruth Wolfe was a staunch supporter of the Wellington County Library System, Clifford library branch. The new library achieved one of her causes, to have an accessible library for all to patronize.

I am sure there were other groups, which I have failed to mention which Ruth Wolfe was involved.

Ruth loved Nature. You could find a large assortment of flowers planted at the Wolfe residence. Ruth had an excellent ‘green thumb’ when it came to the vegetable garden. Let’s not forget her wild grapes and raspberries. You couldn’t leave her home empty-handed; as visitors would be offered either flowers or freshly-picked vegetables from the garden.

Ruth loved company. Lots of meetings were held at the Wolfe’s kitchen at their large, round wooden table. Homemade jams, muffins, cookies, assorted cheeses and beverages were served at the end of the meeting. Ruth made everyone feel welcomed to her home.

Ruth Wolfe was never afraid to let an injustice past by. She fought for fairness for all.

If you were to ask Ruth what made her the happiest her response would be: family. When her children left home she always looked forward to any special occasion or time at the cottage spend with them. Ruth loves to share photos of her recent family outings.

I am sure that when Sheldon past away, Ruth missed him dearly as he was her soul-mate.

Whether you were new to the community or an old friend, Ruth Wolfe treated everyone with a welcoming smile, respect and kindness. That is Ruth Wolfe legacy to all of us.

Clifford Lions Member
Sheldon Wolfe

        In Memory of Lion Sheldon Wolfe

Friday, April 15, 2011 our community lost a man whose life deeply effect people who knew him. Sheldon Wolfe was the key thread that wove us into becoming a better person and member of our community.

Sheldon was a doer, not a sayer. He was never afraid to try a new idea and always first to volunteer. During his life he was involved in the Clifford School board, Minto-Clifford School board, Clifford Fair, Clifford Council serving as Reeve and councillor, Carrick Camp Board, Knox United Church Board, Charter member of the Clifford Lions Club, Clifford Meals on Wheels, Clifford Historical Society, Clifford Horticultural Society, Volunteer Driver, Clifford Activity Group, was a member of the Clifford Badminton Club, Clifford Scouting & Guiding Group, Minto Retiree Activity Group, Queen’s Bush Rural Ministries, 4-H Club and many more.

In 1984 Sheldon Wolfe was awarded Clifford’s Citizen of the Year award. In 1990 Lion Sheldon was given  the Melvin Jones Award for his dedication in Lionism.  Sheldon would receive many honours during his lifetime.

Family was very important to Sheldon. He was the loving husband of Ruth, proud father of Dalton, Barb, Peter, Steven & Shelley.

How he loved his grandchildren proudly showing you their latest photo, while Ruth would share a story. Sheldon was also entrusted as the family occasional pet sitter too.

There was a position Sheldon had, which he took very seriously as the hearse driver for Garrett’s when needed.

Sheldon was a master of diplomacy and wisdom. When you saw that one eyebrow arch, you knew he had something important to say.
     He always had a kind word for anyone and when needed a gentle nudge in the right direction. Sheldon always kept his head when there was chaos around him.

     Sheldon was always picked to be the MC of events, as we knew, he could handle any situation . His acting career did not take him to Broadway, but we enjoyed any play or skit he taken part.

     We mourn his death. Each one of us shares our own personal memory of Sheldon Wolfe, that will live in our heart forever.


The bench is located close to
Larry Grummett Insurance, Elora Street

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