The James A. Bland Music Scholarship Competition is traditionally held in February.  Please check back for information about the 2020 Bland Music Scholarship Competition.

Information for Students, Parents, Music Teachers, and Music Directors

Subject:       Clarke County Lions Club James Allen Bland Music Competition


The Barns of Rose Hill and the Clarke County Lions Club have traditionally partnered to host the James Allen Bland Competition at the Barns of Rose Hill.  We hope to have the specifics of the 2020 Bland Music Scholarship competition  available in November.  Students attending school in Clarke County and students who live in Clarke County and are home schooled are eligible to participate.  Also near-by students who cannot find a Bland Competition but who wish to participate may also submit an application.  We are seeking vocal and instrumental contestants for the Competition.  Students are required to submit a completed application no later than 20 January 2020.

The James A. Bland Music Scholarship Program was established in 1948 to assist and promote cultural and educational opportunities for musically talented youth of Virginia.  Compositions may not exceed 8 minutes and must be memorized.  A piano will be furnished for contestants who play the piano and for accompanists for vocalists.  All other instrumentalists must provide their own instrument.  Additional information is available in the attached Lions of Virginia Bland Music Scholarship Registration and Rules for both vocalists and instrumentalists   You can also find additional information at

First Place Vocalist and Instrumentalist in this Club-level Competition will be invited to compete in the District Bland Competition which will be held in April 2018 in Harrisonburg.   If the First Place winner not available to compete at the District Competition, the Second Place Winner will be asked to compete.  Winners in the District Competition will compete in the State Scholarship Competition during the Lions of Virginia State Convention on 18 May 2018 in Richmond at the Wyndham VA Crossing Hotel.  At the State competition, they will compete for a $2,500 scholarship for 1st place, $2,000 for second place, $1,500 for third place, and $1,000 for 4-6 place.

Thank you in advance for your interest and for helping Clarke County Lions Club showcase our talented young musicians and vocalists.  We are looking forward to a wonderful event at the beautiful Barns of Rose Hill where family, friends, and community can enjoy the performances of our young people.  There is no cost to participate and no cost to attend the any of the competitions.

Please feel free to call, or e-mail, if you have any questions or need additional information.

Lion Sharon Hart

Bland Music Scholarship Coordinator

Clarke County Lions Club

775 Wadesville Road

Berryville, VA  22611



  Lions of Virginia Bland Music Scholarship Foundation, Inc.




The Annual Bland Music Scholarship Program was established in 1948 to assist and promote cultural and educational opportunities for the musically talented youth of Virginia.  The program consists of elimination contests starting at club level and continuing through “State Final Contest” and is administered by the following rules.


  1. Any student, vocalist or instrumentalist, of elementary, middle or senior high school age, or home schooled, must be properly sponsored by a Virginia Lions Club. Any student who resides in or attends school in Virginia (or within a club’s jurisdiction) is eligible to participate.


  2. Contestents

    1. Are allowed to enter only one club contest annually and may participate in either the vocal or instrumental division but not both. Students who enter more than one contest may be banned from future participation.

    2. Shall render only one composition and is allowed only eight (8) minutes to present it.In order to keep within the 8-minute time limit, contestant may eliminate part of his or her composition.  The part cut out shall be marked on the score for the information of the judges.  A one-point penalty (per judge) for every five seconds exceeding the eight-minute limit, with a grace period for the first five seconds, will be assessed at the state level.  The point penalty may be enforced at the district, zone/region, or club level at the discretion of the Contest Bland Chairman.  In case of a tie, the judges shall determine a winner.

    3. Must memorize his or her composition.

    4. Shall furnish the required number of parts of his or her composition as defined by the club, zone/region, district and state chairmen.

    5. Lions of Virginia shall provide no instrument for contestant other than a piano.Instrumentalists other than pianists, and vocalists must have an accompanist, if dictated by the composition. Accompaniment must be provided with musical instruments played by live performers, other than the contestants themselves. No pre-recorded accompaniment is allowed.

    6. All contestants must compete on the date and at the place and time of the scheduled club, zone/region, district or state contest.

  3. Judges
    1. Judges for the contest shall be competent teachers or performers of music not connected with the contestant or the sponsoring club.

    2. When appropriate, there should be 2 judges for each division of music (vocal and instrumental). Two judges for each division are required at the District and State levels.

    3. Shall score the contestant on his or her musical ability.

    4. Score sheets shall be given to the contestant after the contest.



      4.  Awards shall be furnished by the State Bland Foundation Committee as follows:

  1. Official certificates (1st and 2nd places, and participation) at the club, zone/region, district and state levels.
  2. State Scholarships for BOTH Vocal and Instrumental WINNERS are:
  • First Place SCHOLARSHIPS $2,500 each
  • Second Place SCHOLARSHIPS $2,000 each
  • Third Place SCHOLARSHIPS $1,500 each
  • Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Place SCHOLARSHIPS$1,000 each

3.  Scholarships are not transferable, and those not claimed within five (5) years after date of State Contest will be forfeited.

4.  State first place winners are NOT eligible to compete again.

5.  Scholarships are not transferable and are payable only to a college or school of music, summer music program or to a private or public music teacher.Requests for payment to a college or school must be accompanied by the winner’s course curriculum, which must include a music course, and a statement from the school indicating an outstanding balance of at least the payment amount being requested.Requests for payment to private and public teachers must include a signed statement for lessons previously given the student, showing the dates, the number of lesson hours, and fee per hour. Scholarships cannot be used for expenses incurred prior to the contest date. In order for scholarships to be disbursed, the aforementioned information must be submitted to the Bland Foundation, 402 Scott Street, Baltimore, MD 21230.

All participants are required to SIGN a copy of the “Registration Form” certifying their familiarity therewith and their COMPLETE acceptance thereof.




Lions of Virginia Bland Music Scholarship Foundation, Inc.


Please enter me in the Clarke County Lions Club Music Scholarship Competition to be held on 25 February 2016, beginning at 6 p.m. at the Barns of Rose Hill, at 95 Chalmers Court, Berryville, Virginia 22611.


Contestant’s Name:


                                                               (First, Middle, Last)

Parent or Guardian:







                                (City)                                               (State)                            (Zip)


Phone____________________________________  Age__________  Grade_____________


Email_________________________________ School _______________________________


Type of Instrument ________________________ Type of Voice ____________________


Composition _____________________________________________________________


Composer _______________________________________________________________


Accompanist _________________________Phone _____________ Email______________


Music Teacher ________________________Phone ___________ _ Email______________


I give permission to be photographed at the contest for publicity purposes: YES NO  (circle one)

I have read and I accept the rules and regulations of the contest:


________________________________________            _____________________________

  (Signature of Contestant, or if under 18, Parent’s Signature)                      (Date signed)




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