Deep Creek Lions Projects:

Adopt a Garden: George Washington Highway in Deep Creek. We have adopted a median strip on George Washington Highway and maintain it all year long. It has taken us three years to get this garden to a point of interest in the community. Please help us maintain this garden.

Nat Hardee Memorial Garden: Deep Creek High School. This garden was dedicated to the memory of Nathan T. Hardee and is maintained by the Deep Creek Lions. This is a work in progress and will have an expansion of this garden in the spring 2013.

Lions at Work: This is a program where we pick a location in Deep Creek and clean the highways of litter and debris. Deep Creek is a great community and it is worth our efforts to keep it clean.

Lions Brooms: We have our Lions Brooms on sale at Lawrence Pharmacy on George Washington Highway. the sale of these brooms help us with our efforts to pay for glasses and hearing aids for the financially challenged citizens of Deep Creek.

White Cane Events: Several times a year we seek donations from the citizens to allow us to continue to support the indigent in our community. Since we are a non profit, we rely on donations to purchase eye glasses, hearing aids, clothing, food, and to build Handicap Ramps for our Deep Creek Citizens. If you see us out there, please help us by making a donation. 100% of all money raised from the community goes back in the community in the form of support.

Sight and Hearing Screenings: We offer sight and hearing screenings at many locations all year long. These screenings are free to the public. Let us know if you would like an opportunity to help us at any of these events.

Diabetes Screening: All our Lions are trained to screen for Diabetes. We offer free testing several times during the year. Diabetes is the silent killer and the #1 cause of blindness in the US.

Children Eye Screenings: We screen for vision children ages 3 to 5 years old. We can screen at any day care, head start, or church nursery. Let us know if you would like us to offer screenings at your center.

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