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We pursue four major types of projects. First and foremost, we pursue various healthcare-related projects—we seek to raise awareness of health risks(e.g., diabetes), facilitate the provision of health services (e.g., eye camps) and providing active help (e.g., eye donation, spectacles). Second, we seek to serve the community in various ways—from providing meals, assisting and conducting marriages, supporting funeral services for unclaimed corpses to supporting our youth in various ways (e.g., conducting programmes, organizing excursions). Third, we want to leave our planet enriched, even if it is in small ways such as tree planting. Finally, we celebrate various events with our Chennai brethren, be it in schools or old age homes or villages—these events range from Deepavali celebrations to birthdays of leaders in our great nation (e.g., Teachers Day, Mother Theresa’s birthday). To date, this Lionistic year, we have raised and conducted projects for over 10 lakhs Rupees and reached over 5,000 people.

Our members driving and participating in various projects









Projects SInce July 2017





SIght First 9,120 18
Eye Screening 7,500 600
Spectacles 4,500 90
Eye Donation   2
Health Service 18,750 407
Blood Donation 21 units Many
Diabetes Awareness 11,100 300
Dental Camp 6,000 500
Cancer Awareness 12,800 300
Education Service 2,23,235 7


Old Age Home (providing meals and organizing events) 16,830 40
Dine with Divine 47,660 850
Women's Welfare 67,835 6
Mass Marriage 38,000 6
Assistance to Marriage 3,23,575 2
Serve the Dead (a multi-religious funeral service for unclaimed corpses 19,000 Many
Flood Relief 10,000 15
Animal Welfare 8,600 Many cows
Veda Pata Sala (supporting the learning of Vedas) 6,000 40
Anganwadi 1,000 15
Talent Programme 10,000 100
Innovative Project (children's excursion to Rameshwaram) 43,350 240
Youth Programme 1,000 50


Tree Planting 2,000 200
Reverse Osmosis Plant 15,000 Many
Celebration of Events    
Teachers' Day 17,400 230
Mother Theresa Day 5000 10
Kolu 22,630 150
Deepavali 93.950 60
Abdul Kalam's Birthday 500 300
Gandhi Jayanthi 11,720 100
U.N.O 6,000 300
Literacy Day 3,714 300
  10,62,790 5318+





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