New Central chitlapakkam was formed by Ln.Sampath, Ln.Mahesh and Ln.Suryadevan as its initiators with the help of the district administration in 2011. The members Ln.Sampath and Ln.Mahesh were the erstwhile members of Lions club of Central Chitlapakkam and previously in Lions club of Rosily Nagr which was run by their mentor and guide Ln.Vitto Placka. After his exit from the district way back in 2011 May, the three members approached the district administration and thus the club was extended in the Golden Hands of our Extension chairman Ln.Puthukkan. There after, it was a History under the Glorius Term of Ln. D.Sridaran where the club performed to achieve all the DG'S Program of the year and currently with sustainable growth of 23 members and 18 charter members.

Lion Nabi Shah is the lifetime Chairman of the club as per the resolution passed during Sep'2011 and under his dynamic leadership the club's socila activities are follwing day fater day!

We have more number of family units of our spouse to our clubs and we got a patch from international in Sep'11.

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