T-Caillou Lions Club Projects

Louisiana Lions Children's Camp - It is the dream of children with physical and mental disabilities to run and play and be treated as normal children. Part of this dream became a reality in 1957 when theLouisiana Lions League for Crippled Children, Inc. was chartered. Construction began and a camp for 8 -15 year old children with physical disabilities opened in 1961. Shortly afterwards, youth with mentaldisabilities were included within the programming and in 1989, insulin dependant youth with diabetes andchildren with pulmonary disorders were included in the camping program.

The Louisiana Lions Camp is a non-profit residential summer camp, owned and operated by theLouisiana Lions League for Crippled Children, Inc. The League is funded by the Lions Clubs of Louisiana,Multiple District 8 (MD-8)


Louisiana Eye Foundation - The Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation was created in 1974 to help the people of Louisiana who are in need of eye care.  Over the years we have been able to help thousands of Louisianaians with getting those eye glasses,  with getting that eye surgery, and with researching cures for what once were thought to be incurable eye diseases.

Senior Citizens and Nursing Homes - we make a donation every month to all the nursing homes in the Houma area so the residents can have parties, bingos and other activities.

Community Service - we also do various types of help for the people of our area.

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