What We Do...

Recent (including ongoing) Service activities of Lions Club of Cessnock

* Adopt-A-Road Cleanup

* Recycle Used Spectacles

* Community BBQs for Seniors Week, preschool, other charities

* BBQ catering for firefighters - several bushfire events

* Conduct Youth of the Year contest,

* Sponsor Leo Club at High School

* Assist at International Youth Camp

* Sponsor future leaders

* Awareness projects:- Diabetes, Sight & Eye Health, Emergency Medical Information Booklets, Beyond Blue

* Arrange wheelchair ramp & children’s mobility walkers

* Provide additional new park bench seating for local parks.

* Forum for guest speakers from various “causes”


Plus donations…Donations from fundraising to support -

* Local high school prizegiving; one-off special projects for various primary schools;

* Local Scouts & Guides, Hunter Life Education

* Vision-impaired youth camp, Deaf kids camp, Diabetes kids camp, Juvenile Diabetes walk

* Hunter Hands of Hope (meals for homeless – Cessnock)

* Local community radio station, Seniors Week activities, Cessnock Prostate Cancer group, Coalfields Heritage group, Strive for Autism

* Hunter Melanoma, Newcastle branch Alzheimers, John Hunter Childrens Hospital (through Leos), Lions For Kids In Need (family support)

* Lions Clubs Foundations:- Australian & International Lions disaster funds; Lions Childhood Cancer Research; Childrens Mobility ; EyeHealth Project; NSW Nurses Scholarship; Hearing Dogs; NSW/ACT SaveSight& PublicHealthcare; Lions Diabetes Research; Prostate Cancer Treatment&Research.

and...Fundraising to support the projects & donations...

Fundraiser BBQs, Bunnings, PostieBikeGP

Sale of ChristmasCakes & LionMints; Raffles

Event marshalling/manpower – Winery running festival, various HV Gardens events (Christmas Lights, Snowtime parking)


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