Recycle for Sight

Lions Phil Bramble and Bobby Thomas with a Recycle For Sight collection box.

The Cambridge Lions Club has been an active participant in the Lions International “Recycle For Sight” program for the last 20 years. This program recycles used serviceable eyeglasses to give the gift of sight to thousands of persons around the world who would otherwise not be able to obtain them.

At the local level, Lions Clubs collect used eyeglasses by way of collection boxes placed in various locations that are easily accessible to the public. After being screened, so that only top quality eyeglasses make the cut, they are counted, boxed, and sent on their way.

Ultimately they will end up in one of the three processing centers in the U.S. Here they will be examined, cataloged by prescription, labeled, thoroughly cleaned and inspected, placed in a new case and shipped to one of several locations in a developing country. They will be matched up by prescription and given to someone who does not have the resources to purchase them or is in a location where there is no facility available to do examinations and provide eyeglasses. All this is done at no cost to the recipient and is fully funded by Lions International.

The Cambridge Lions Club deliver an annual accumulation of good, clean, serviceable eyeglasses as a part of this program. If you have old eyeglasses you no longer use, please consider the “Recycle For Sight” program. You may drop them off at any of the collection box locations listed below or contact a member of the Cambridge Lions Club. 

Cambridge Post Office, 301 High St., Cambridge MD

Pleasant Day Adult Day Care Center, 2474 Cambridge Beltway, Cambridge MD

Thomas Funeral Home, 700 Locust St., Cambridge MD

Cambridge Family Eye Care, 401 Race St., Cambridge MD

Siri Eye Care, 724 Cambridge Plaza, Cambridge MD

Wink!Vision, 2711 Ocean Gareway, Suite B, Cambridge MD

Dorchester County Public Library, 303 Gay St., Cambridge MD

Dorchester County Health Department, 3 E. Cedar St., Cambridge MD

Delmarva Community Services, 2450 Cambridge Beltway, Cambridge MD


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