History of Lions Club of Salt Lake

Lions Club of SaltLake Calcutta was inaugrated in 25th June 1977 and was chartered on 27th October 1977 with 20 members.

This club was sponsored by Lions Club of Calcutta


Why should you join Lions Club of SaltLake?

Being a part of the Lions Club of SaltLake you will experience a whole new feeling of satisfaction and gratitute towards the society. At L C o C S L we ensure that every member is given a role in every project so that he feels for the project and Lions movement becomes a part of his life as well. Our Club has Given 2 D.G. to district 322B2 namely LION MAHENDRA JAIN and CURRENT DG LION MURARI MURARAKA

We also do conduct team building activities, celebrate festivals, have outings etc too. 

What are the the changes you will experience?

With this unique model that we follow, every members feels for the projects and activities that we carry out. It is always a group activity, with a lot of attachment and involvement.

This helps members cultivate a sense of belonging and affection towards the club and society.






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