Chartered on 31st December,2020  Bushenyi Speciality Lions Club was found by health professionals and educationists who for more than 12 years have served in this community with a keen interest to identify factors leading to school drop-out. In our midst we have  witnessed  many unfortunate school-goers who willingly and with good career  intention started school processes but due to multiple causes did not complete. For a few, we voluntarily intervened with our limited capacities and secured their return to school which enabled them to complete their career development. The major  highlighted causes for this school drop-out are: Lack of Career Mentorship, Lack  of Sustainable Up-keep  and  Lack of Tuition.   .

Driven by Our Main theme in Service: "Stay In School (SIS)"   we strongly believe that every student can be retained in school up to completion of his /her career development process if:

  • He /She is persistently inspired and mentored  over his/her  career mission.
  • Sustained up-keep ( for food, accommodation, other social amenities) is provided
  • Tuition source is assured.

Therefore, as a Speciality Club we intend to tackle youth empowerment by emphasizing “Stay In School” through 3 approaches: Career mentorship, Sustained Up-Keep and Operating a revolving Tuition Fund.

Being part of a bigger community, as health-care professionals, we shall also make a contribution towards fighting Hunger and related poor health due to Malnutrition, Environment Conservation,  Visual Defects, Diabetes and Childhood Cancer.

We pray for God's guidance and support from fellow Lions world-wide as we take on this endeavour. We remain very open to any suggestions and constructive advice to make our Lions club grow its capacity To Serve Humanity.



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