Our hearts are saddened by the loss of our fellow Lions, but we are grateful to them for sharing their great compassion and energy with us.  Each had a concern for their community and a desire to help their fellow man, which is the very essence of Lionism.  Each fostered an atmosphere of service and fellowship that makes us all proud to be part of the greatest service organization on earth.

They are no longer with us in life, but their spirit of Lionism remains to inspire us all.


            Herman Parker   1941-2012


            Gladu "Sam" Simon   1915 - 2011


            John "Red" Ladner   1921 - 2010

                            Dorothy "Dot" Conway   1926 - 2010

             Glenn Clarke   1937 - 2009


            John J. "Junior" Silvio, Jr.   1940 - 2009

                            Carolyn Bailey   1940 - 2007

                            Frank "Foxey" Gibbs, III   1964 - 2005

                            Jean Parker   1946 - 2002

                            Kenneth A. Bailey, PDG   1937 - 2000

                            Dan Wascome   1931 - 1996


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