Laminator Machine for St Francis de Sale School

St. Francis de Sale School, located at 260 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11225 is in the service area of the Central Brooklyn Lions Club. Over the years the Club has worked to secure financial donations as well as equipment through a matching grant from MD20 foundation or financial assistance to purchase equipment. This year our club continued to focus on the youth and to embrace the Lions Clubs International President’s Dr. Yamada’s theme of “Dignity, Harmony, Humanity”. We requested the foundation’s grant to secure additional funding for the purchase of a roll laminator machine for the school. 

The St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf mission is to encourage the maximum potential for learning in each child regardless of race, creed or color. This education embraces all facets of the child - psychological, social, and emotional with the goal of producing a well-adjusted deaf individual who make maximum use of acquired skills. The goal of the school is to develop an independent and productive individual who functions and contributes to our society to make it a better place of all. To this end Central Brooklyn Lions intends to assist the student with the use of the laminator to create projects that will enhance their journey to maximizing their full potential as individuals.

The program at the school features program for early intervention, lower school, upper school, special needs, and speech and hearing services. The laminator will be used for a variety of projects related to all school programs area but especially for students with special needs. Laminating the projects enhance and preserve the quality of the material being laminated and it can be reused/recycle over time. Laminating is a way to preserve items that are important. The laminator will also be used to protect bulletin boards, classroom materials, teaching aids, extending the lifespan of posters, badges, and banners used in the school. The roll laminating machine helps to laminate large posters or several smaller items. It is a cost effective solution and a safety measure for the school. We realize that safety is of the utmost importance; that is why a roll laminator includes the latest in safety innovations and energy saving technology. Some of the safety measures includes auto shut-off, advanced safety shield and a safety feed table.

On receiving the funds to purchase the machine, we acquired the machine, delivered it to the school, and held a brief presentation ceremony with Maria Vartiolli, Director and John Quinn. Twelve lions attended the presentation at the school on Thursday January 21, 2016 at 9:30 a.m.

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to the District 20K1 Foundation for making this project a reality. We are truly grateful for all you do to serve humanity.

Prepared by Lion Ingrid Andrews-Campbell, President

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