Club Service Projects

  • Golf Tournament
  • Cruise-In
  • Bisco Arts Festival
  • Clarkson Good Neighbor Days
  • Fall Harvest Festival
  • Camp Abilities
  • Highway Pick-up
  • Vision Screening to pre-schoolers
  • Tending For Sight
  • $150 Annual Scholarship
Vision Screening
The District 20-E1 Vision Screening Program is an early detection of sight and eye conditions in preschool age children that can be more easily treated if detected early in life. This program is being initiated by Lions Clubs across the district. The conditions being tested are for nearsightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism. Other conditions such as crossed eyes, media opacities and ptosis (dropping eye lid) may also be detected.
Currently the Andover Lions Club in Region 5 has a Polaroid unit, Medina Lions of Region 1 (2) Digital units, Brockport Lions of Region 2 a Digital unit and Irondequoit Lions of Region 3 a Digital unit. The Attica Lions have a second Digital unit and the Brockport Lions of Region 2 have a Digital unit. The Dansville and Canaseraga Lions Clubs of Region 4 have (2) Polaroid units that equip each of the five Regions in our District with at least one vision-screening device.
The District 20-E1 strategy for the Vision Screening Program is to make use of the current five devices and work through the Lion SEE (screening eyes early) so that all clubs in the district are participating in the vision screening of preschool age children.  
Vision screening performed by the Lions Clubs in our District is submitted to the Lion SEE office in Buffalo, NY. Eye professionals at the Ira G. Ross Eye Institute review all screening data and recommendations for follow up are coordinated directly between the Lion SEE office and the parents of the children screened. Data for the screenings are confidential and only summary data is shared back to the clubs and District performing the screenings.
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