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Membership is an on-going project

 Ted Bresky, President of the Bridgeport Host Lions Club, recently received a Membership Key from Phil Flaker, Past DG 23-A and fellow member of the Bridgeport Host Lions Club, for his sponsorship of five members. His latest recruits were Trisha Piacentini, an 8th grade teacher and Carol Banner, a public relations and communications consultant.

Membership Key Awards highlight the importance of effective recruitment in membership growth by recognizing the number of new members a Lion has sponsored.  There are 17 Membership Keys designed to reflect the number of new members sponsored by an individual Lion. The first key signifies two new recruits. The second, bestowed upon Bresky, signifies five sponsored recruits. Subsequent keys signify from 10 to 500 recruits.
According to Bresky, his eyes are already on the next key and he has several more possible recruits in mind.  The Bridgeport Host Lions Club is on the move!























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