Lions Park:

For 50 years, the Bremerton Central Lions continues it's participation in the maintenance and improvements to the Lions Park operation. To date more than $150,000 in materials and labor have been contributed.  Last year our Foundation donated $48,000 to the Bremerton Parks and Recreation Department to fund this climbing structure for younger age children.

Salvation Army Bellringer:
On a Saturday every year in December, club members replace Salvation Army Bellringers at one of their locations in Bremerton, relieving the Army of the necessity of paying others on that day.
Bremerton-Kure Sister City Program:
Under the Sister City program, we sponsor the exchange each year of three students from the community, while hosting three students from Kure, Japan.  Lions are in the interview and selection process and pay one-half of the transportation costs of the Bremerton students.  Every five years, adults from Bremerton and Kure also conduct exchange visits.
Vision Screening:
Our club members donate many hours doing vision screening at local elementary schools on a regular basis throughout the year.
In most years, our club also hosts the Northwest Lions Health Screening Van for screenings for blood pressurediabetes, hearing, glaucoma and vision at no cost to the community. 
In addition to these service projects, our club provides volunteer labor for numerous community projects throughout each year, such as those sponsored by United Way, City of Bremerton and other community service organizations.
$463 Was donated to the Bremerton Foodline. 
The Club purchased eye exams and glasses for 32 people at a cost of $2,360.
$500 was donated to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.
$500 was donated to the Kitsap Sun's Bellringer campaign, which raises money in December for the food banks in our community.
$700 was donated to the Lions Clubs International Foundation.
A donation of $200 was made to the Multiple District 19 CARE project.  The funds are used to help with improving the quality of water and sanitation in communities in Central America.
$148 Was provided to purchase food and comfort packs for homeless members of our community.
The Club donated $500 to the Seattle South King Sluggers, a blind softball team that competes annually with other such teams throughout the country, using specialized equipment such as beeping balls and bases.
$260 was donated to complete an Eagle Scout project on Bainbridge Island, involving placing a protective split rail fence around a pond that is a source of drinking water.
Funds Held At the Foundation
The following donations were approved the the Club Board of Directors.  The Bremerton Central Lions Charitable Foundation holds some funds for use by the Club, and the Foundation approved the Club's request to fund these donations:
$500 To the Northwest Foundation for Sight and Hearing.
$500 To Music4Life, a non-profit organization that collects and refurbishes used musical instruments and makes them available to high school music students that otherwise would not be able to participate in their school's music program.  This donation will directly benefit music students at Bremerton High School.
$500 To Project New Hope, which is managed by Lions Multiple District 19.  It provides counseling and retreats in a forested setting for veterans and their families dealing with Post Traumetic Stress.
$500 Was donated to the instrumental music program at Bremerton High School - Knights on Parade - to contribute to the funding for a trip to Whistler, B.C. to participate in a regional music festival.
$300 Was donated to the Kitsap Water Festival, an organization that provides hands on education to young boys and girls in our community about the importance of water, and allows them to participate in activities that support the effective management of water.
$1,200 Was donated to Evergreen Boys and Girls State, an American Legion sponsored retreat for high school boys and girls (separate settings) that educates youth about democratic forms of government, and simultaneously provides simulated activities for them to put into practice what they have learned.
Each May we hold our famous "White Cane" program, soliciting funds for the NW Lions Foundation for Sight and Hearing. This money helps support our Eye Bank in the process of transferring corneal tissue from donors to transplant recipients.
Each year on Armed Forces Day, prior to the parade we host our annual Pancake Breakfast on Fourth Street in downtown Bremerton. Last year we raised over $3,000.  Proceeds from this event allow us to give at least one $1,000 scholarship to a worthy Bremerton High School student each year.
Each year on all three days of the Labor Day weekend, we occupy a booth at the Blackberry Festival on the Bremerton Boardwalk and sell our world famous Blackberry Slugs to their anxiously waiting fan base.  Last year a producer from "This and That Northwest" dropped by to check us out.  You can find out what goes on by checking out their broadcast here (scroll down to Bremerton Central Lions).  Last year we raised $4,000 with this effort. 
In the fall we host a Dinner and Auction, which has become quite popular and is one of our major fundraisers.  Administered through our Charitable Foundation, this event has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years for the Lions community service projects.
We raise additional funds through the sale of mints at business establishments throughout the community.



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