Due to recent restrictions placed on public gatherings, this year's Dinner and Auction will not be live at the Admiral Theatre.  A virtual Auction is planned instead.  Bidding on Auction items will begin on October 22nd and end on October 30th.  In order to place a bid, bidders must first register.  Here's the link for registering:

Many items have already been donated and the Auction committee is hard at work managing the transition from a live event to a virtual one.  This year's focus is to raise funds to support Promise scholarships at Olympic College and for the many other community services that your Bremerton Lions support.  Register now to get an advance look at the great items that will be featured.  Those that register early will be entered into a drawing for a door prize.

The fun begins with a virtual happy hour and kickoff on Friday, October 22nd at 5:30 p.m.  Bidding at the Auction will continue until Saturday, October 30th, when we will have a GRAND finale at 5:30 p.m.  We have collectables from Amy Burnett, a bronze by Frederic Remington, an old U.S. currency collection and porcelain sculptures by Lladro.  There are also condo stays at Ocean Shores, Whistler, Port Ludlow, Geiger B&B in Tacoma and The Point Casino.  There are also family adventures at Great Wolf Lodge, Northwest Trek and the Museum of Flight.  Of course we haven't forgotten our golfer friends.  There is a cruise with Holland America valued at $3,400 and Christmas gifts for you or your loved ones.  There might even be the opportunity to drive a NASCAR race car around a NASCAR track.  





The Lions Motto is “We Serve."  For 93 years our Club's members have followed this mandate through the creation and support of a wide variety of facilities and service projects.

While Sight is the major institutional goal of Lionism, our bylaws also direct us to take an active interest in the Civic, Cultural, Social and Moral Welfare of our community. 

We welcome membership interest from any man or woman of legal majority, good moral character and community reputation who recognizes Lions as a vehicle through which they can make a contribution to the community, expand their acquaintances and make some wonderful friends.

The Lions are the largest service club organization in the world with over 1.5 million members. The members of our club represent all walks of life: employees, business people and retirees -  male and female members.  Though we come from every corner of the social, economic and religious spectrum, we are united in our desire to provide aid and support to those in our community who are in need.  If you are motivated to offer help to your neighbors who can benefit from it, you will find many opportunities for personal fulfillment by joining with us.  


Lions Multiple District 19

Lions District 19C



2021 White Cane Day:

Covid precautions caused a much scaled down version of the 2021 White Cane Day fundraiser on May 1st, with just a single location at the West Bremerton Safeway.  Surprisingly, a number of customers were very generous with larger numbered bills.  The results will be out soon.  Pictured here are King Lion J.R. Kinnison, Mike Peterson, Lynn Woodward and Patty Lent.


2020 Salvation Army Bellringers:

Despite the pandemic, the Club was able to continue supporting the Salvation Army on December 5th, 2020 by relieving them of the need to provide paid bellringers at all three entrances to the Fred Meyer store.  Lion Ed Looby and Pam Leazer are pictured here:



Because COVID-19 has prevented us from conducting our service projects and funraisers in person, the events pictured below are going backwards from December 2019.

2019 Salvation Army Bellringers:

Again this year, club members relieved the Salvation Army of their need to provide paid bellringers at all three entrances to the Fred Meyer store in Bremerton on November 30th..  We had lots of volunteers and Christmas joy and cheer was everywhere.  Thanks again to Lion Jeff Reynolds for organizing a great day.


Iris Young


Bob Perkins and Ron Lund


Patty Lent and Lynn Woodward


Lon Howard and Iris Young


Joe Simon The Lion and Sandy Simon

King Lion Bob Theal and Lion Joe with Santa


Annual Dinner and Auction:

The Bremerton Central Lions 32nd Annual Dinner and Auction was held once again at the Admiral Theatre, on October 26th, 2019.  Thanks to the amazing efforts of co-chairs Patty Lent and DeDe Theal, every single seat in the venue was paid for and occupied.  The event netted over $60,000 for the community, including $15,000  for the entry level nursing program at Olympic College.  Once again, Bremerton native Frank Shiers MC'd the proceedings and Brian Orwiler was the auctioneer extraordinaire.

Sales were brisk and quarters were tight, but the atmosphere was buoyant!


Olympic College employees display the Fund-A-Need recipient of the Auction:  Lifelike mannequins for the entry level nursing program at the College.  With these state of the art apparatus that can mimic complex human behavior, entry level nursing students can quickly observe human-like reactions - they also don't have to practice on each other!


Thanks to Brian Orwiler for another entertaining and productive evening!


50th Anniversary Delegation Visit to Sister City:

In early October, four members of our club (pictured at the top of this site) joined 12 other community members for a 13 day visit to Japan, highlighted at the end by a three day visit to Bremerton's Sister City of Kure, in Hiroshima prefecture.  The visit commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Sister City affiliation.  Representing the City were Sunny Wheeler (wife of Mayor Greg Wheeler), along with city council members Leslie Daugs and Kevin Gorman.  In all, the group visited five cities.  From the outset in 1969, Bremerton Central Lions has contributed significant financial support to the program in addition to many volunteer hours in planning for the annual student exchange between the two cities.  

The trip was organized and led by Kimi Hamm, who has volunteered for the entire 50 years the program has been in existence.  Below are some images from the trip:

The entire 16 group members posed for this photo in front of their hotel after arriving in Tokyo.  Kevin Gorman and Sunny Wheeler are 3rd & 4th from the right in the back row, and Leslie Daugs is on Kimi Hamm's right in the front row.


Soon after arriving at Hirosaki City in northern Japan, we were feted to a multi-course Japanese meal served on low tables on traditional tatami mats, complete with entertainment.  It's clear that some of us were significantly challenged by the seating ...


The musician is playing the stringed instrument most identified with Japan, called a shamisen.  A skilled professional such as her can make three strings sound like there are three musicians playing.


Near Hirosaki City, in the small town of Inakadate, there is this display called Tambo Art.  Simply, it's two rice fields.  Rice of different colors is meticulously planted early in the year, and when it matures, a magnificent piece of art emerges.  It's viewable locally only from about three stories up, either from the town hall as shown here, or from a separate tower built for that purpose.  The City charges a fee to take visitors up so they can see it.  Inakadate started this in 1993 as a fundraiser and over the years they've pictured Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable as well as iconic Japanese images.  Outside of the official visit to Kure, we voted this as the highlight of the trip.


At ground level, the same scene as before from a vantage point at the bottom left corner of the field on the left.  From here, there's little evidence you're looking at a work of art.  


Tokyo Bay


A Kyoto Scene


At the welcome party hosted by Kure City, the mayor presents Kimi Hamm with a certificate acknowledging her 50 years of service to the Sister City affiliation between the two cities.


Gift exchange between Sunny Wheeler and the mayor of Kure City


A gift from Bremerton to Kure City

Lion Lon is invited to participate in a Kure City Festival


King Lion Bob Theal in a gift exchange with the Lions Clubs of Kure City


Annual Slug Sales At Blackberry Fest:

On all three days of Labor Day weekend, our booth on the Bremerton Boardwalk at the annual Blackberry Festival was once again a lively hub for those that came from far and wide to sample our famous blackberry slugs.  A better location and plenty of volunteer Lions guaranteed another roaring success.






Kure Sister City Students Visit Bremerton:

On July 24th, the club welcomed the three exchange students from Bremerton's Sister City of Kure, Japan - it took place during our annual picnic at Lions Park.  The girls were full of energy despite having arrived just two days earlier.  They of course attended with their host families.

Lions Sister City Committee Chairman Lon Howard introduces Aika Abe, Karin Maeda and Yuzuki Sasaki. 



Karin chats with Kimi Hamm, who has volunteered with the Sister City Program for 50 years.



Former Mayor Patty Lent joins in welcoming the Kure students.




A visit with Mayor Greg Wheeler and the Bremerton City Council.





All too soon, their month in Bremerton ended.  A farewell party hosted by Ed and June Wurden included a get together with the three Bremerton students that visited Kure in 2017 and 2018.


3rd Annual Beep Ball Game:

On June 1st, 2019 the Seattle South King Sluggers made their third annual visit to Lions Park to take on the Bremerton Police Department and other Kitsap area first responders in a beep ball game.

The Sluggers are an all blind team from Seattle that plays in an organized league.  Players on both teams are required to wear blindfolds whenever they leave their dugout to either go hit or take the field.  They are always led to their defensive positions or to home plate.

Beep Ball is essentially slow pitch softball, but with several twists.  The pitcher and catcher are the only sighted players and both are on the batter's team.  When a batter makes contact with a pitched ball, they run toward a "base" - positioned down the first or third base line - that also beeps after a pitched ball is hit.  One volunteer has a remote control that determines which base beeps.  The base is actually a styrofoam stanchion.  If a defensive player gains control of the batted ball before the batter reaches the beeping base, the batter is out - if not, the batter's team is credited with a run.

The Sluggers are now 3-0 in the short series, having posted a 6-0 shutout against the locals.  The game wasn't actually as lopsided as the score suggests - both teams placed bat on ball with approximate equal regularity, but the Sluggers were clearly more adept at chasing down the balls once they were hit.

The members of both teams thoroughly enjoy this now annual event, not only because it''s fun but because it puts on full display what it means to live blind in a sighted world.

Here are some images from the game:


2019 Pancake Breakfast:

The club hosted its traditional Pancake Breakfast on 4th Street on May 18th, 2019.  Between the hours of 7 to 10 AM, approximately 450 meals were served to the public prior to the beginning of the Armed Forces Day parade.  $2,881 was rasied to give back to the community.  Luckily, the weather cooperated and it was a great day for all.  Here's a brief look at the goings on at this year's event:





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