Bingo each Monday evening. Doors open at 3:30 PM play starts at 6:00 PM.

Profits from Bingo are used to support local projects, Missouri Lions projects and Lions International projects.  Each year we distribute over $35,000 to these projects.

November 2015 Branson-Hollister Lions club and Forsyth Lions Club are striving to make eye screening available to all children in Taney County. For this fiscal year we have added 3 new screening locations.  We still have more to go.

May 2015 We made donations totaling $1,500 to Boy Scout 290 and Cub Scout Pack 290.

August 17, 2010 Branson-Hollister Lions Club presented the Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation with a donation of $4,500.00 to purchase a new Plusoptix camera for Children's Vision Screening program.  Screening for vision problems takes just minutes and is completely non-invasive.  Trained staff technicians use a hand-held scanner to screen a child's eyes, and the automated system reviews the results to immediately produce a pass or refer report.  If a child shows symptoms of a vision condition, the parents are encouraged to take their child to an eye doctor for a follow-up eye examination.


May 1 & 2, 2013 Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation with help from Branson-Hollister Lions Club did eye screening of 99 students at Hollister school day care and preschool.  3 children were referred to their eye doctor.

                           Branson-Hollister Lions Club 60th Anniversary

                                                 October 18, 2014

Bingo was approved in the fall of 1982 and the weekly games open to the public, started soon after the vote. Bingo was first held at the Little Bavarian Restaurant on Highway 165 south of Highway 76, later moved to the Holiday Inn to the Branson Inn. Members became concerned about the possibility of finding themselves without a satisfactory place not only for bingo but also for the regular weekly meetings. Finally we took the plunge and began construction in the fall of 1987. Bingo was started in the new Lions Community Building in January of 1988. The approximate cost of the building approved by the membership was placed at $200,000.

Bingo has proven very popular with the number of players and net income each week exceeding expectations. It appears likely that the original debt will be cut in half by the end of this year (1989).

The last 5 yrs. (2009-2014) we have donated $59,900 to Lions affiliated programs those include: Lions Club International Foundation, Leader Dog, Lions World Service for the Blind, Mid South Lions, Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation, Lions Basketball & Football and Missouri Lions All State Band.

            Non-Affiliated donations for the last 5 yrs. Amount to $157,700.  All of these donations benefit our residents of Stone & Taney County, primarily Taney County.  Eyeglass program $16,760, Hearing aids $4,730, Scholarships to Branson & Hollister High School Seniors $26,250.

The following benefited from remaining $110,000: A Sporting Chance, Branson Relay for Life, Boy Scout Troop 290, Cub Scout Pack 290 (we are the sponsor of these two scout programs), Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, Christian Action Ministry, Faith Community Health, Free Medical Clinic of the Ozarks, Gift of Hope, Hollister School Back Pack program, Hope Center Church, Jesus Was Homeless, Ozark Honor Flight, Tornado Recovery, Taney Hills Library, Sponsored Outstanding Student Radio Program, Lake Area Child Advocacy, Pregnancy Clinic, Salvation Army Food Pantry, USO of Missouri, Women’s Crises Center, Flood Assistance, Building Rental (501C3 organizations*) and others.

Most *501C3 organizations receive a donation equal to building rental.

Leap year tornado (2-29-2012) Lions Club International Foundation sent $10,000 to us.  Taney County received $9,000, Stone County received $1,000.

Since March 27th 2012 we have distributed over $9,000 to helped over 80 families in Stone and Taney counties. August 22, 2012 we completed our tornado assistance with (5) five welcome home kits to be presented to 5 family's returning to their home.

For period 7-1-14 thru 9-30-14 Missouri Lions Kid Sight program has screened 341 children in Taney County and referred 39 to their optometrist.  All at no cost.

1-30-2015 Recent donations are: Saving Sight $5,000, Mid South Lions $2,000, A Sporting Chance $2,000, Lions Club International Foundation $,2,000, Scholarship's $2,500 Leader Dog $1,000, Eyeglasses $320 and Hearing Aid $500.





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