We Serve... is our motto.

As a member of Lions Club International, we are part of the world’s largest service club organization! As part of this global service network, we do whatever is necessary to help our local communities. (excerpted from Lions Club International website)

Our Local Club’s Service Contributions

FOOD BANK: We have a Club Representative that regularly updates us on the food supply status of our local food bank. We donate food items as often as requested.

LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL BURSARIES: We donate 2 bursaries of $500 annually to qualifying local high school graduates, based on community involvement and academics. The closing date for bursary applications is May 31 of each year.

PROJECT PRIDE: In June of each year, we share our patriotic pride to children of grades 1 and/or 2, in preparation of Canada Day by giving a brief presentation followed by the distribution of Canada Flags and Certificates.

REMEMBRANCE DAY WREATHS: At our annual community's Remembrance Day Ceremony, we present a wreath in remembrance of those who have sacrificed their lives in times of war.

LIONS MEMORIAL PARK: Located along Lakeshore Drive and 46 Street, Bonnyville AB, this park was created in joint effort with the Bonnyville Lions Club in remembrance of those Club members who have sadly passed away. It is a beautiful addition to the Jesse Lake Trail, decorated in the brilliant colours of Lionism - deep purple and rich gold!

CANADIAN BLOOD SERVICES MOBILE DONOR CLINICS: Since 1997, we have proudly convened every second CBS mobile blood donor clinics, when they travel to Bonnyville AB. We assist by ensuring their public awareness campaigns are listed locally prior to the event (i.e. media announcements and flyer distributions) and we facilitate the clinic operations by providing adequate volunteer help and supplies, as requested. In May, 2012, we received a Volunteer Service Award from CBS for dedicating 15 years of service, in appreciation of our contribution towards building a better blood system for Canadians! Since 2015, we helped CBS increase their database for the OneMatch Program for Unrelated Stem Cell Donors, by encouraging local residents to "Join the Registry & Get Swabbed!"

MOBILE MAMMOGRAM CLINICS: We readily volunteer with these clinics on demand, whenever they are conducting mammogram screening in the area.

EXTENDICARE BINGO AND BIRTHDAYS: We host 2 semi-annual Bingo and Birthday nights for our seniors citizens at Extendicare. Happy Birthday is sung and birthday gifts are handed out to the residents celebrating birthdays during that month. It is an event filled with prizes, cake and great fun!

GOOD SAMARITAN SHOE BOXES / SAMARITAN'S PURSE CANADA: For approximately 10 years now, we have been annually preparing up to 40 shoe boxes filled with a variety of Christmas gifts for children living in the desperate conditions of 3rd world countries.

SIGHT FIRST II: In efforts to eradicate river blindness and other eye sight problems occurring mostly in 3rd world countries, this international project that has been in motion between 2006-2010. Initially, the international goal was to raise $150 million U.S. They surpassed this goal by raising over $200 million U.S. Our Club raised $6,000 in pledges toward this project. Every club in our district qualified for the Model Club status for achieving $5,000 or more in pledges.

Our Local Club’s Monetary Contributions

We donate to numerous non-profit local, provincial, federal and world organizations. Here are just a few of the many organizations that we support:

  • Bonnyville Health Foundation
  • Long Term Care Christmas Activities Fund
  • Knights of Columbus Christmas Food Hampers (to local citizens in need)
  • BCHS’ Santa's Elves (Christmas gifts for local children in need)
  • Haying in the 30's (local cancer relief fund)
  • Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Centre
  • KidSport Program (to encourage underpriviledged local children to join sports)
  • Lakeland FASD (summer camp for children with FASD)
  • Lakeland Special Olympics
  • Stollery Children's Hospital
  • Children's Ability Fund
  • Camp HeHoHa
  • Various Blind Societies (Leader Dogs for the Blind, Blind Golf, Blind Curling)
  • Various Cancer Societies (provincial and federal research and recovery)
  • Diabetes Associations (Lions Cavalcade, Canadian Diabetes Association)
  • Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Canadian Kidney Foundation

WE ALSO HELP LOCAL INDIVIDUALS IN NEED: On a case by case basis, we provide monetary support in various capacities to individuals in our community - whether it's assistance toward the purchase of a needed hearing aid, or a family going through unforeseen financial difficulties as a result of an accident, fire, or cancer. All you have to do is submit a letter to our club and explain the situation. We will include it in our monthly meeting agenda.

Our Fundraising Commitments

Our Club does not receive government funding to operate. It is strictly through fundraising commitments and opportunities that we are able to serve. All fundraising monies received by our club are used to fund projects such as those indicated herein. Simply stated, we raise money to give and to serve.

STAMPEDE BINGOS: This is our primary source of fundraising where we are granted approximately one Bingo per month to provide the required number of volunteers and work them.

CAMROSE CASINO: Officially a new fundraising project this year, we have been granted one 2-day casino every 2-3 years to provide the required number of volunteers and work them.

CHILDREN'S BOOKS: Through this annual successful fundraising project promoting literacy to children, we deliver Children's Books to local organizations who buy advertisements from the company publishing these books.

OTHER VARIOUS FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITIES: We provide manpower for bar hosts and sober drivers for social functions. We have also conducted bbq stands and yard sales in the past. If you have or know someone who has a fundraising opportunity, please present it to our club!

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