Places to take your old eyeglasses for re-distribution to the needy:



1.      Bloomington Community Center 98th and Penn Ave S.

2.      St. Edwards Church, 94th and Nesbitt Ave S. Bloomington

3.      United Methodist Church 8800 Portland Ave S., 888-6070

4.      Gill Bros Funeral Home  99th and Lyndale Ave S.

5.      Werness Bros Funeral Home Penn Ave and Old Shakopee Road

6.      Good Year Store, Valley West Shopping Center

7.      K of C Hall  American Blvd and Dupont Ave S.

8.      Pull tab Booth at David Fong's  94th and Lyndale Ave S.

9.      Minnesota Eye 98th and Dupont Ave S.

10.    Bloomington Walmart Chicago Ave and American Blvd (Eye Glass Dept)

11.    Bloomington Sam's Club Wentwort Ave and American Blvd (Eye Glass Dept)

Fellow Lions,

           We collected 685 pr of eye glasses to turn over to district.
Lion Mike

Bloomington Lions Hearing and Sight Chair

            The following excerpt from the Lions International website illustrates the impact of our eyeglass recycling. Lions host 17 Eyeglass Recycling Centers around the world. Our donated glasses are processed at the center in Rosholt, Wisconsin.

153 Million Reasons Lions Recycle for Sight

According to The World Health Organization, 153 million people have uncorrected refractive errors (near-sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism). Most of these vision impairments are quickly diagnosed and easy to treat with corrective lenses.

Still, millions of people in developing nations are pushed deeper into poverty simply because they don't have glasses. They can't learn, because reading is difficult. They can't work to the best of their ability, because they can't see clearly.

It costs Lions less than US $0.08 to provide a pair of recycled eyeglasses and change someone's life.

For children, clear vision means a better education, healthier development and a better quality of life.  For adults, it means greater employment opportunity and economic strength. For seniors it means less dependence on others.

Lions clubs collect millions of eyeglasses each year, making eyeglass recycling one of our most popular activities


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