Effective Speaking The club organizes and funds the local Effective Speaking competition. The winner will compete at the provincial level and if a winner, on to the national level
Elementary School Bursaries The club provides bursaries to primary school students in Blind River Schools
Donation to Blind River Emergency Services The club donates fund to Blind River Emergency Services
LFC Dog Guides (Dog Walk) The club organized a walk for dog guides each year with the donation going directly to the Dog Guides Association to train dogs to assist hearing, sight, and other impaired persons
Lions Park The club maintains a playground park in Blind River
No Child Without This program provides Medic Alert Bracelets or Pendants for school children who require them and can't afford them
Secondary School Scholarships The club provides scholarships to secondary school students in Blind River Schools
Winter Carnival Support The club donated funds toward the Blind River Winter Carnival
Vision Screening Program The club finances and carries out vision screening for students in primary grades in an effort to discover vision problems that may not have been recognized
Peace Poster Support Lions Clubs International promotes a contest for peace posters each year. The Blind River club provides drawing materials and prizes to local school children so they can participate
Alzheimer's Association The club donates fund to the Alzheimer's Association for local use
School's Breakfast Clubs The club donates funds to all the schools' breakfast clubs to assist with providing breakfast to those students that require it
Lions Camp Dorset (Kidney Foundation)        Camp Huronda (Diabetes)                              Camp Quality (Mentally Challenged (northern)                                                     Camp Munro (Handicapped)                     CNIB Lake Joseph The club provides funds to assist with the operation of these special recreation facilities in order that people that would not normally be able to attend recreational facilities can do so
BR Christmas Baskets The club donated funds toward the BR Christmas Basket Organization
BR Children's Christmas Party The club donated funds toward the Blind River Children's' Christmas party
CNIB General Services to seeing impaired persons is a primary activity for Lions Clubs
Eye Glasses The club assists local persons who need assistance with the purchase of vision assistance devices.
Diabetic Association The club donates funds toward the local diabetes association
BR & District Emergency Food Bank The club donated funds toward the BR Emergency Food Bank
Hard of Hearing Society The club donated funds toward the Hard of Hearing Society for local support
Kidney Foundation The club donated funds toward the Kidney Foundation for local support
Lion / MCTV Telethon The club donates funds to Lions/MCTV Telethon to provided Christmas gifts for children who would otherwise not have any. The club also organizes and distributes those gifts locally
Hospital Auxiliary  The club donated funds to the Blind River Hospital Auxiliary
World Service Day (Senior's Breakfast) The club provides a free breakfast for local seniors to help celebrate the Word Service day
Senior Games Support The club supports the Senior Games with donated funds
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