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Lions Club Bhadravati

           DISTRICT 324-D4             

The  Lions Club Bhadravati was chartered on April 8, 1967 and serves as the longest Community Service based non-profit organization in Bhadravati.  The Club currently has 72 Members and we are actively recruiting new members every  Month who can help service our Mission.


 We have proudly served the local community for over 41 years! 

Our members are very different in many ways, but we share a core belief - our community is what we make it.  That's because we help where help is needed.  In short, We Serve.

On behalf of all the Lions of District 324-D4, I personally welcome you to our Club Web Site. It shall enrich you with lots of information about what we do at Lions Club of Bhadravati. If you are a 324-D4 Lion, take some time to browse. You'll find many resources here, such as the club calendar, formation, Circulars, News Letter etc.

In the 2008 - 2009 Year our charter Member MJF Ln.H.P.Basavarajappa served as District Governor in the District 324-D4, PMJF Ln.Lingaiah was the Cabinet secretary MJF Ln K.P.Rao was the Cabinet Treasurer and they served the District efficiently. Our Senior and activemember Ln.B.Divakar Shetty was elected as 2nd VDG of Dist.317C during the year 2014-15, and for 2015-16 he has further re-ellected as 1st VDG unonimously.



       Ln.Lingaiah    PMJF

         District Cabinet Secretary






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