Every year in October, the Belwood and District Lions Club is pleased to bring together crafters from around the community, and beyond, to display their wonderful crafts and wares. This sale provides the public an opportunity to buy 'one of a kind' gifts for themselves or their friends and families just in time for Christmas.
In 2020, we could not hold a public event due to Covid-19, so instead we started our virtual craft sale where the public can reach out to the crafters directly and still see and buy their wonderful offerings, while at the same time knowing that they are supporting the Belwood Lions fundraising and the Crafters themselves.
We are happy to continue offering our Virtual Craft Sale
Please see the individual crafters who have sponsored this page and in so doing are supporting our community.
Please contact them directly for any of the items pictured from them, or for more information on what they can offer.
Please check back often as more vendors are included
If you have a craft range you would like to showcase on this webpage please contact Julian Vines (519-787-0560)
Thank you for supporting Belwood Lions and our communities crafters !!!
List of Exhibitors (Click on vendor name for quick link)
Name Description Phone Contact
#Sprouts Funwear (June & Hubie Brooks) Childrens PJs, Tote Bags, Adult Sleep Pants 905-799-9983
#Sue Chester NORWEX Independent distributor 416-726-0919
#Caroline Van Driel Knit and Crochet Crafts and Clothing 519-803-6948
#Debby Moon Wheat weaving 226-979-8955 
#Dorri's Online Beauty Boutique Candles, Personal Care & Household Cleaning Products 905-873-4907
#Jessica Peever Sipology by Steeped Tea - Independent Consultant 519-831-3939
Sprouts Funwear (June & Hubie Brooks)


Our business is called SPROUTS  FUNWEAR

My name is June brook.

We have attended the Belwood craft show for the past five or six years and its always one of our best shows,

My number one seller is the childrens pjs followed by my tote bags and adult sleep pants.

I also sell baby items make up and jewelry pouches etc etc

If anyone is interested I can send you pics of the different sizes boys and girls.

My phone number is 905 799 9983


We live in brampton

See below some pictures of our products, call us for more information or to order:







I'm an independent consultant with NORWEX, living locally.

I'd love to help with your cleaning challenges.

Norwex products are designed to clean using only water so reducing the number of harsh and often harmful chemicals in our homes.



We also have personal care products and have a line of excellent masks for the current COVID 19 use.


CLICK HERE  to view the 2020 Canadian Fall Product Catalogue


Call me, Cell  416 726 0919 I may have what you need in stock


You can also order direct through my website

Thank you!
Caroline Van Driel - Knit and Crochet crafts and clothing

My name is Caroline Van Driel.   My family and I have been coming to the Belwood Lions Craft Sale for over 20 years.  

My family consists of my mom and 7 daughters.  

My email is or call me on +519 803 6948

The 8 Busy Bees

Cell# 519-803-6948 (Caroline VanDriel)

           519-829-9601 (Rachel Stuart)

            519-830-5859 (Julia Kawczynski)

We specialize in knitting and crocheting. 

We make sweaters, hats, mitts, boot cuffs, slippers.

We also make dishcloths, hand towels, bags, and toys. 

We make cross stitch pictures, hair barrettes, hair scrunchies, earrings, etc.

We live in the Fergus area and you can find us on Facebook-the 8 Busy Bees.

See below some pictures of our products, call us for more information or to order:

Hello my name is Debby Moon.

My craft is Wheat Weaving also known as 'Corn Dollies'.

It's an ancient folk craft associated with the harvest and its success.

Today the craft is primarily decorative and associated with prosperity, house blessings, and good health.

It is also celebrated for the sheer beauty of the wheat.

The pieces I weave are often from traditional designs each carrying its uniqueness.

I live in Guelph, Ontario.

See below some pictures of my products, please call me for more information:

Contact: or 226-979-8955





My name is Dorri Bland. 

After moving to Belwood last year, my husband became a member of the Lions Belwood that is how I heard about the Craft Sale.

I have owned a day spa in Georgetown, for over 30 years now.

With the recent health crisis and being closed for over 4 months, we realized that it was and still is difficult to get out and about to get your personal care items.

That is what led us to open DORRI’S ONLINE BEAUTY BOUTIQUE.

Our online shopping items are delivered right to your door with free shipping for purchases of $50 - $100 depending on the company except for the soy candles.

Candles can be picked up in Belwood or Georgetown.

Personal Care Items for the whole family. Shampoo, Creme Rinse, Skin Care Products for Teens as well as Women and Men, Natural Deodorants, Holistic Makeup, Bath and Body Lotions and Potions, Teeth Whitening Kits and Natural Safe

Household Cleaning Products.

Please see the flyers below and if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to call me.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season!

Thank you

Dorri L. Bland – Spa Director/Owner
Downtown Spa and Relaxation Centre
Health Wellness Industries
Executive Sales/Facial Training 
185 Mountainview Road, North
Georgetown, Ontario
L7G 3P9



Please click this link to reach my online store:


Hi my name is Jessica and I’m an Independent Sipologist with Sipology by Steeped Tea. 

Sipology is a Canadian owned and operated loose leaf tea company that started in 2007, it has now evolved into much more than just a loose leaf tea company. We now sell loose leaf tea, teaware and much more!!

A bit about myself and why I signed up as a Sipologist! I live right here in Belwood and I’m a first time mom to a very, very busy 15 month old boy. This pandemic has posed some very interesting challenges through my maternity leave one of which has been returning to work as originally planned. So as a way to increase our family’s income and still be able to stay at home, I took a chance on starting my own business. Selling good quality loose leaf tea (and then some) made sense to me as both my hubby and I LOVE tea!! Now, I get to choose my own hours, spend all kinds of quality time with my family and still contribute to our household financially.

Orders can be picked up in Belwood or you can choose to direct ship your order to your house.

I would love for you to come connect with me by joining my VIP Facebook group where you will be the first to know about new products, host and customer exclusives as well as see all kinds of yummy recipes!


You can head over to my website and check out all of our products:


You can also get intouch with me directly at 519-831-3939 or


Jessica Peever


Please see below for some photos of my products.

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