Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes


The CDC reports that Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States.  Diabetes Type 2 is primarily driven by excessive consumption of sugar, refind carbohydrates and processed (junk) food.

One of the pillars of Lions Clubs is to make people aware of diabetes (and pre-diabetes).  We also strive to bring awareness that Type 2 Diabetes is not a chronic progressive disease, it can be put into remission by changes in diet and nutrition.  Food is medicine! 

It has also been recently reported that 88% of the adult US population is metabolically unhealthy, meaning only 12% heatlhy.  Reportedly only 2% of US adults over 65 yoa are healthy.  

Our Lions District Westchester based Diabetes Awareness Chairperson continues to work on this awareness program via the program he and another Lion were asked to form 3 years ago.  Going through their own personal journey they discovered the power of lifestyle changes.  The program continues to bring awareness and have been assisted by several medical doctors as well as a nutritionist.


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