Christmas Poem

Reading at Jan. 6/2010 Meeting


Twas 6 Days Before Christmas

And The Lions Did Meet

To Distribute Christmas Baskets

For The Area Families In Need


I Was The Only Lion

That Was Wearing The Lions Work Vest

So When The Families Showed Appreciation

It was Me That Got Their Best


With Every Hug And Kind Word

My Emotions Went Sky High

I Couldn’t Keep This Spirit Too Myself

I Needed To Share It With The Guys


Lion President Jack Was Very Surprised

To Find Himself In A Full Embrace

He Yelled Out “Release Me Man

And Give Me My Due Space”


For The Remainder Of That Day

The Lion President Was Very Aware

Whenever I Came Near Him

He Gave Me A Very Worried Stare


It’s Not My Nature To Be Rude

I’m Really Quite Kind, To Be Precise

So When I Share The Christmas Spirit

Maybe A Hand Shake Would Suffice


By Lion Jerry Eicher


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