Permanent Project :-

1. Lions Eye Hospital

Opposite Law College,

Bhatli Road, Bargarh-768028

We are doing morethan 1000 contract opreation of our local area every year.We also give free meal to the patient & his one attendent free with required medicine. We are making our best effort to upgrade our hospital with modren equipment like feco facility etc.

2." Sevagram"

At Jamurdda, Bargarh

We have provided 5 acr land & home to 250 leper persons & rehabilitaed there who are earnimg their livlihood by cultivating cash crop etc.


We orgnised a mega Food Distribution prog. on the eve of last Monday of Holy month of srawan at GAYSIMA village LORD SHIVA TEMPLE  which is about 11km away from Bargarh Town.

We distributed free food to more than 8000 Shiva devotee.Total expenses donated by our own club members.





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