The  Bangalore  Palace  was  the resort of
   Wadiyar  royal  family.   Built  in  the  Anglo-
   Indian   style,   the   structure  provides  the
   backdrop of many rock concerts and other
   cultural events.
   The big banyan tree is a must see place in
   Bangalore. This tree is more than 400 years
   old & is the perfect weekend getaway. The
   tree is home to many species of birds.
   The    Big    bull    temple    in    Basavanagudi    area    of
   Bengaluru      is    a    temple    dedicated    to  an  animal.
   Legend   says   that  a  rowdy  bull  ran  amok  destroying
   the  groundnut  crops  and  creating  huge  losses to  the
   farmers.   The   farmers  took  a  vow   to   build  a  temple
   dedicated  to  the  bull   and  prayed  that   their  crops  be
   saved.  As a miracle the bull was not heard of since then.  
   The  current  temple  was  then  built  to appease the bull. 
   Also  every  year  in  the  month  of  November a festival of
   groundnuts    and    sale    of    groundnuts    and   sweets
   prepared from groundnuts is held.
       One of the oldest temples in the heart of the city,
       Gavi Gangaadhareshwara temple is dedicated to
       Lord Shiva. On the auspicious day of Makara
       Sankranthi, the sun rays fall on the linga during sunset.
       This is a unique spectacle seen for a few minutes on
       this particular day only. Legends also say that  there is
       a tunnel path within the temple premises which leads
       directly to Kashi.
Bangalore is also known as the City of Gardens and the
first one that comes to everyone's mind is the Lalbagh.
Lalbagh is spread over more than 180 acres of well
spread landscape. The garden is home to a large number
of trees. It is factory of oxygen. Joggers and early morning
walkers throng this place. This place is also an ideal spot
for those involved romantically. The glasshouse is the centre
of attraction during the annual flower show which is held here.
     This film city situated enroute to Mysore is the latest
     addition to Bangalore's must see places. It is an ideal
     weekend haunt for families. This city houses a dino park,
     Madame tussaud's wax museum, Ripley's believe it or not,
     House of ghosts, House of mirrors and many other attractions.
  The ISKCON temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna.
  Built on a single hillock, the temples of Lord Balaji and
  Lord Narasimha are also housed here. The places attracts
  a lot of local and foreign tourists. The main thing to be noted
  here is the Akshaya Patra scheme of providing mid-day meals to
  the students of Government schools. The scheme is supported by
  the Government of Karnataka, other social organizations, individuals.


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