April 2021 Service Activites


Service Activity No: 01 (April-2021)

Project Report: Hosabelaku
Description: District event for Women Empowerment
Venue: Siddlaghata
Date:  9 April 2021 ~ Time: 10.00am onwards

LCB Peenya Dasarahalli participated in the district program and sponsored one tailoring machine for the Training Center. An initiative of Lions Club of Siddlaghatta, totally ten machines were sponsored The program inaugurated by District Governor Ln MB Deepak Suman and participated by VDGs and members of various clubs. Our sincere thanks to the District Cabinet for organising the event.

Service Activity No: 02 (April-2021)

Project Report: Arogyave Mahabagya

Description: District event with Leo Marga for the Survery and Awareness creation in Rural Areas.
Venue: Bhoomishettihalli
Date:  12 April 2021 ~ Time: 9.00am -5.00pm
Lions club international Dist-317F and Leo club of Maarga restarting the project “ಆರೋಗ್ಯವೇ ಮಹಾಭಾಗ್ಯ" after one year. Co-partnered by Dayanada Sagar College of Engineering, the students went from Village to village for their Campaign. The health survey and awareness for cataract, cancer, Pension Adalat & Covid-19 vaccine. On Week 7 Day 1 - Survey was held at Bhoomishettihalli panchayat on 12th April  (Sunday ) LCB Peenya Dasarahalli sponsored the survey being undertaken by the college students by contribution of Rs3000/-

Villages covered.
1. Bhoomishettihalli, 2. Agrahara, 3. Kappalli, 4. Siddepalli, 5. Byrasandra, 6. Gondhiwarahalli, 7. Alapalli, 8. Mugalamari, 9.Domalahalli, 10. Kanishettihalli, 11. Somayajalahalli, 12. Upparalahalli, 13.Gudamaralahalli

Our sincere thanks to the District Cabinet and Leo Marga for organising the event.

Service Activity No: 03 (April-2021)

Project Report: Relieving the Hunger
Description: Distributing of Refreshments for Covid Warriors and Front liners
Venue: 18th Km Tumkur road to Malleswaram
Date:  26 April 2021 ~ Time: 11.00 - 3.00pm

LCB Peenya Dasarahalli had collected  360bottles of Tender Coconut Juice and 40 packets of Apple Juice from Ln Srinivas Murthy who was instrumental in procuring 10 tons of free distribution items by DABUR India in association with Leo Marga Naveen

Appreciating the duty of the front liners in protecting everyone and in the midst of the Pandemic, going on with their daily duty, police, rag pickers, pourikarmas, Doctors etc continue their duty in spite of the dangers of Covid for the sake of the nation. We appreciated their services and thanked them with a bottle of juice.

Service Activity No: 04 (April-2021)

Project Report: Blood Donation
Description: Blood Donation Drive before vaccination
Venue: Lions Blood Banks at Vijayanagar and Yelahanka
Date:  26-29th April 2021

LCB Peenya Dasarahalli did a mega blood donation campaign in WhatsApp, social media, Facebook and we successfully collected 13 units of blood. Through the social media requests, the club members also joined the drive and gave blood. Totally 16 members went for the blood donation but only 13 qualified to donate.

We thank all the volunteers for their donation. We profusely thank Ln Ramanathan Narayana, RC Reg VI Dist 317F for his active motivation and sending 8 employees for the donation. ZC Ravinder Singh also donated blood himself and brought his family member, where only his son qualified and donated.

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