The Birth of the Lions Club of
Bangalore Peenya Dasarahalli

It all started with the publication of an article “Understanding Children with Learning Disabilities” in The Week magazine on 21st Jan 1997. J Karunanithi, a voracious reader by nature found it interesting and made 250 copies of the article and distributed to schools in the vicinity. The article was very much appreciated by the teachers and J. Karunanithi not taking the credit to him directed all the appreciation letters to the author. Subsequently a meeting of the author and the teachers was arranged on 1st March 1997. It was then when J. Karunanithi appealed for funds from his close friends to arrange this meeting and Lion G.S. Ramakrishna responded and shared a part of the expenditure.

The meeting was arranged at St. Mary’s Convent, T. Dasarahalli, and was attended by about 200 teachers from more than 40 schools.

The author Joe Rozario attended the meeting along with the senior Sub Editor of the Week, Stanley Thomas, and local manager Prasad. Lion D.S. Murthy a Past District Governor was the chief guest. The author and other guests were overwhelmed by the response. In fact, Lion D.S. Murthy described it as “the best program he attended in his lifetime”, recognising potential capabilities of J. Karunanithi, now fondly known as JK. Lion D.S Murthy and some other LIONS invited JK to join the LIONS fraternity. Instead of joining an existing club, JK mooted the idea of a separate club in Peenya Dasarahalli. He could easily pool 26 members and collected the required amount. Lions Club of Industrial Town became the sponsor. On 20th June 1997 at IMA Hall Lions Club of Bangalore Peenya Dasarahalli was installed by PDG Lion Yaswanth Trivedi with J. Karunanithi as the Charter President. LO! A new LIONS Club was born, and, on the September 11th, 1997, the Charter was presented by His Excellency, District Governor Lion MN Jaiprakash.

Lions Club of Bangalore Peenya Dasarahalli -  Achievements

Lions Club of Bangalore Peenya Dasarahalli is the only club in the Lion's world, who have done the “Pulse Polio Program” to eradicate more than 4 lakh people in the span of 11st years. The only club in the Lion's world to eradicate HEPATITIS B by doing the vaccination of more than 1.5 lakhs people, the only club in the Lion's world to win 10 Scrap Book/Black Book Award's Continuously. The club also has the Distinction of the International President visiting and inaugurating the Permanent Projects.  Lions Club of Bangalore Peenya Dasarahalli is the only club to have signed a Memorandum with INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Bangalore North, the only club had signed the M O U with Bangalore, Erode,  Salem, Pondicherry CANCER CENTERS in the August Presence INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT LION Barry Palmer.

Lions Club of Bangalore Peenya Dasarahalli - 2020-21


Ln Mahinder Singh
President, 2020-21

The dynamic Team 2020-21 have completed 58 activities till date. Under the President Lion Mahindar Singh, the club has done explary work focusing on the Lions International Global Causes of Hunger, Diabetes, Environment and other Humanitarian Causes covering education to Covid-19 relief activities.


Heading steadly into its silver jubilee year, till date, the club has produced many leaders who have done exemplary service at the Club level as well as the District Cabinet.

Some of our leaders in the District Cabinet are: 



Ln Ramanathan Narayanan,
Region Chairperson
Region VI, District 317F. 






Ln Ravinder Singh Dhanjal
Zone Chairperson
Zone 1, Region VI, District 317F. 






Ln Thakur Amarendra Singh
GST Member
District 317F. 






Ln Sridhar Parachuri
DC Leo Alert
District 317F.






Ln Oscar Sebastian Dass
DC Youth
District 317F. 


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