Our 40th Charter Anniversary.

Reception of the President and his Guests

     Top table entertained by a magician         Induction of Jayne Patmore

DG Simon Moss presents Service Awards.

DG Simon Moss presents 40yr award.  Lion Alan Douglas 40year award.          Awards for 25, 30 and 35 years

              15 and 10 year awards.                              5 year awards.


The cake is cut by the newest and longest members Lions Gary Beresford and Alan Douglas.


Lion President Ray Stephens, DG Lion Simon Moss and the Mayor Councillor Joe Tildesley giving their speech and proposing the toasts.

Lions and guests enjoying the evening with Magicians from the British Magical Society.

Presentation of a cheque to the First Responders

At a fellowship meeting on the 30th October a talk was given by Jeff Way the co-ordinator of the First Responders in Balsall Common. The organisation is operated by trained volunteers and now functions within the larger organisation First4Aid. After the talk a cheque for £350 was presented by Lion President Ray Stephens.

Bingo sessions in the Village Hall

Every other Friday we hold Bingo sessions in the village hall. The prizes consist of cuts of meat and money. The photo shows some of our regular customers who enjoy an evening out. The evening sessions start at 7.30pm we have a break for tea/coffee and biscuits and usually finishes at around 9.30pm, early enough for the ladies to get safely home without getting into trouble with their parents.

Presentation of Message in the Bottle dispensers.

Message in the Bottle dispensers were presented to Balsall Common Health Centre to be mounted in the reception of both Balsall Common Surgery and Meriden surgery. The dispensers were made by Lion Brian Hornsby. The Message in a bottle containers are also obtainable from the Library and Balsall Common Pharmacy. We have now distributed 1650 containers thoughout Balsall Common, Meriden and local areas

Presentation of vital medical equipment.

Balsall Common Health Centre requested help in the purchase of medical equipment that is not provided by the NHS Trust.. We were very glad to be able to assist in this request. The equipment was presented by Lion President Paul Coldicutt to two of the practice nurses.

Prostate Screening

On Saturday 4th October 2014 we held a Prostate Screening morning. This involved giving a simple blood sample so that the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level can be analysed. The attendance was more than 200 men from Balsall Common and local districts.

Consultant Urologist David Baxter-Smith gave a talk on prostate cancer and the possible symptoms that can occur. He also stressed that if caught early enough it can be successfully treated. He was assisted by 7 professional phlebotomy nurses supervised by nursing sister Mrs Dorothy Baxter-Smith.

Mr David Baxter-Smith will personally send the results to everyone who attended giving advice on what they should do next, if necessary.

Free refreshments were available served by Christine Hornsby to who we offer our grateful thanks.



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