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Club membership is foundational to all that the Avalon Lions Club does. Forty-three scheduled events annually require the dedication and motivation of many volunteers. Membership has grown from the high sixties when the club was founded in 2002 to 130+ in 2018. The Avalon Lions Club is the largest club in NJ Lions District 16L. District 16L is geographically most of southern New Jersey.

Why People Join and Remain Avalon Lions:
The Lions' basic charter is "To Serve" the blind and the needy of Cape May County. Both full-time and summer residents of Avalon, as well as all of Cape May County, recognize their good fortune to live, work, play, and enjoy family in such a wonderful environment. Concurrently these same people wish to give something back to the community for their good fortune. Additionally, most members are fully engaged in establishing club donations policy, fundraising, and community service activities. While membership requires participation and time, the camaraderie and friendship developed among and between Avalon Lions has been truly meaningful to all members.



New Member Procedures:

  1. A potential new member must be invited to join our club by an active member. If you do not currently know an active club member contact Club President, Eileen Donovan (610) 656-6161, to discuss opportunities.
  2. Sponsoring Lion invites the prospect to attend a regularly scheduled dinner meeting as our guest.
  3. Sponsor obtains a Lions Club Invitation-Application for Membership (ME-6) from the Membership Committee Chair or as an alternative, a current Board member.
  4. The sponsor assists the prospect in completing the application including a check for dues and member initiation fee.

New member fees and dues are $145 first full year (if joining in July), and $100 dues in subsequent years. The membership fee is prorated based on the date of membership.

Most of the dues, and all of the fees, are required to be forwarded to Lions District and Lions Clubs International. A modest amount of each member's dues is retained locally in the Club administrative account (which cannot be commingled with the Club Charity account).

We are the largest Lions Club in the State of New Jersey because our members like what we do and how we do it. If you are not a member, please consider joining our organization.

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