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October 2022
  • Upcoming events and meetings
  • Recap of late September and October events
  • Review of October Board Meeting
  • Minutes from the October General Meeting
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Happy Halloween!
Annual Mailer
Work has been started on the annual mailer soliciting donations for the Avalon Lions Club. The letter is sent out to all homeowners in Avalon as well as all Avalon Lions Club members. This solicitation provides a good deal of money to our Charity account. Last year, we collected over $25,000 in funds through this activity.
The mailer will be sent out early in November.
50/50 Raffle
There are still 50/50 Raffle Tickets available!
Tickets are $100 apiece and only 300 are sold. Seven prizes are available. First prize is $10,000! Second prize is $2,000 and third prize is $1,000. Fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh prizes are each $500.
The drawing will be held on Wednesday, November 23rd, at the Whitebrier Restaurant in Avalon. Festivities for the drawing will start at 5:00 pm.
Tickets may be purchased by contacting Kelly McHugh by email ( or by phone (856-375-7666)
Turkey Drive
is a
´╗┐Chicken Drive
The Turkey Drive is in full swing. Except this year it is a Chicken Drive. Due to the bird flu and the pandemic, turkeys have not been readily available and the price is prohibitive. We are working with Westside meats to obtain chickens for the families instead.
Twenty dollars ($20) will help to buy a chicken and sides for a family for dinner. Holy Redeemer has asked if we can help with three hundred (300) chickens this year. We are currently sitting at donations/pledges to cover 175 chicken dinners. If you can help by donating one or more chickens, please use the button below to pledge. Or contact Kathleen Dooley by email ( or phone (215-704-2886)
Once you have made the pledge, please send your check to
Avalon Lions
P.O. Box 365
Avalon, NJ 08202
As in past years, the Avalon Lions Club is collecting unwrapped toys and gifts to donate to Toys for Tots, along with our budgeted $2,000 donation. In past years, the collection of the toys has been done in conjunction with our December General Meeting and Christmas Party. However, it was discovered that the timing is a little late in the month. So, this year's collection will be done in conjunction with our November General Meeting (see the notice for the meeting below.)
If you can, please bring unwrapped toys on the night of the meeting. A representative from Toys for Tots will be there to accept both our donation and the toys.
November White Cane
Wednesday, November 23, 2022
The last White Cane Collection of the calendar year will be held on Wednesday, November 23rd, at Joe Canal's in Rio Grande. This event will run from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm, in one (1) hour slots. There are still slots open! Click on the button below to volunteer.
Al proceeds collected will be donated to Cape May County Veterans!
White Cane
in November
Cape May County Veterans
Service Opportunity:
´╗┐Diller Home Turkey Trot
The Helen Diller Home is holding their annual Turkey Trot on Friday morning, November 25th, the day after Thanksgiving. The Turkey Trot is a 5k Run and 1.5k Walk. Avalon Lions volunteers are needed to help with route monitoring - which includes giving directions to the runners/walkers and helping to keep the course clear. As of this newsletter, only four (4) members have volunteered to help out. The need is for a total of fifteen (15). If you are able on the morning of Festive Friday to help out, please click the button below to sign up.
November Meetings
November Board Meeting
The November Board Meeting of the Avalon Lions Club will be held on Wednesday, November 2, 2022, at the Senior Center in Avalon. The meeting will be called to order at 5:00 pm.
November General Meeting
The next General Meeting of the Avalon Lions Club will be held on Thursday, November 17, 2022. This meeting will be held at the Princeton Bar and Grill in Avalon. Cocktails and Conversation starts at 6:00 pm, with dinner and the meeting starting at 6:30 pm. At this meeting, we will be collecting unwrapped presents for Toys for Tots. A representative from Toys for Tots attend to pick up the toys and accept our donation. Additionally, Monica Coskey, a board member for the Helen Diller Home for the Blind will attend our meeting to update us on the home and receive our donation to them.
More information about the dinner will be sent out in a separate notice shortly.
October In Review
October was a busy month for Avalon Lions. In addition to our regularly scheduled Board and General Membership meetings, we provided donations to five (5) of our charities, held our annual Spaghetti Dinner, and volunteered at the Avalon Seafood Festival.
October Board Meeting - Wednesday, October 2, 2022
The October Board Meeting was held at the Avalon Senior Center on Wednesday, October 2, 2022. The meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm, by President Eileen Donovan. Eighteen members were in attendance.
President Eileen Donovan thanked all of the member, both chairs and volunteers, for the success of the recent Lions events. A special thanks goes out to Marylou Schmidt who was instrumental in the success of the Jerry Blavat Dance Party. Additionally, Eileen let everyone know that there would be two guests at our General Meeting dinner - Sree Roy, who is the Zone Chairperson, and Bob Freidel from the Medford Lions.
A brief report was provided by Gina Bates on the Pickleball Tournament. It was a huge success, with income of about $21,000. Also there has been much positive feedback from players, volunteers, and sponsors. This activity will be put on our agenda for next year, although it may need to be held in the spring instead of the fall. There is the potential of a larger Pickleball Tournament where Avalon will be one of the many locations in September. Further information is expected shortly.
Reports were provided by the Secretary, Administrative Treasurer and Charity Treasurer. All were approved as provided.
Claudia Monahan provided cards to be signed for two members: Holly Rennie, who had shoulder surger, and Helen McCormick, whose daughter has passed away.
Each of the upcoming events was reported on and reviewed:
  • Spaghetti Dinner was cancelled on Sunday, October 2nd due to the remnants of Hurricane Ian. It has been rescheduled for Thursday, October 6th.
  • Lions Charity Mailer is expected to be sent out in November.
  • 50/50 Raffle tickets are still available. The drawing will be held on Wednesday, November 23rd, at the Whitebrier
  • Turkey drive is now a chicken drive due to costs and limited availability of turkeys. Pledges are being accepted.
  • White Cane Collection is our last for the calendar year. It will be held on Wednesday, November 23rd, at Joe Canal's. All proceeds benefit Cape May County Lions. The signup for slots is available online.
In the New Business category, the following items were addressed:
  • Lions Memorial Plaque: Bruce Loversidge volunteered to get the plaque updated. He will need the list of members who have passed away and need to be added. Carol Hunsicker will provide that list.
  • District 16L Meetings: The next district meeting is October 24th in Mount Laurel. Barbara Stout volunteered to attend and Eileen will try to go with her.
  • 2023 Calendar: Carol Hunsicker passed out a copy of the calendar of events through the end of the fiscal year for everyone to review. It is a draft only. One missing item was the All Avalon Yard Sale.
The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 pm.
October General Meeting
October 20, 2022
Rock 'n Chair Restaurant
The October General Meeting of the Avalon Lions Club was held on Thursday, October 20th, at the Rock 'n Chair Restaurant in Avalon. Twenty-nine members were present. There were also fourguests at the meeting - Karen Pommer, from Lazarus House, Sree Roy, from Lions Zone, Kazi Islam from Lions International, and Bob Freidel from the Medford Lakes Lions.
Sree Roy and Kazi Islam spoke about the Lions organizations and emphasized partition in District, Multi-district and Internation. Bob Freidel told us about the upcoming New Jersey convention to be held in Atlantic City and the plan to hold a Balloon Festival to raise funds for it.
Avalon Lions Club Member Charlie Lawrence, who has a background in finance gave a short talk about the economy.
During the meeting, the Avalon Lions presented a check for seven thousand ($7,000) to Lazarus House. Karen Pommer represented Lazarus for the presentation.
For additional information about the meeting, please see the minutes.
President Eileen Donovan, Second Vice President Loretta Finnegan, Members Charlie Lawrence and Mary Versage present the donation check of $7,000 to Karen Pommer, representing Lazarus House.
Click here for a copy of the minutes of the meeting.
In addition to the donation to Lazarus House at our October General Meeting, the Avalon Lions disbursed donation monies to four more charities.
Family Promise
On October 2, 2022, Family Promise held their annual golf tournament. Members Bruce Loversidge and Robin Mackintosh attended the event. During the event, Bruce Loversidge presented the Avalon Lions donation of $6,000 to Madeline Baxter and Laurie Johnson of Family Promise. (As always, Robin Mackintosh was the photographer!)
The Branches
On October 20, 2022, The Branches held an Open House to celebrate their move into their new space. At the event, Second Vice President Loretta Finnegan, and members Nancy Wolgemuth, Jim Hunsicker and Carol Hunsicker presented a check for $7,000 to Sandra
Holy Redeemer
As the inflation has risen, it becomes more and more critical to help families with food insecurity. On October 24th, at the Holy Redeemer Food Bank, Second Vice President Loretta Finnegan and member Kathleen Dooley presented a check for $12,000, to Nancy Wilson. (As usual, photographer Robin Mackintosh was there to capture the moment!)
Helen Diller Vacation Home for the Blind
Finally, in October, Eileen Donovan presented a check for $24,000 to Monica Coskey of the Helen Diller Home. Monica Coskey will be attending our November meeting to provide us with an update on the Diller Home.
Lions Events
Jerry Blavat Dance Party
SOLD OUT crowd met at the Avalon Community Center on Friday, September 30th, to listen to DJ Jerry Blavat talk about and play oldies! Technically, this event did not take place in October, but since it was the last day of September, it is reported in this newsletter. The crowd had a great time singing and dancing to Jerry Blavat's music.
Most important is that this fundraiser helped us add $6,525 to our Charity account. A successful event!
Here are some pictures from the evening.
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