Lion Bill Kincaid was again the Chair for the Fireworks sale.  Robert Philips and Volunteers from Modern Woodman helped the August Lions Club with the sale this year.  Modern Woodman matched funds of $2,500 from the Fireworks sale to be used toward the Basket Ball Court project.

President Lion Bill Buggeln was the Chair for the Christmas tree sales.  The tree sale was held next to the Augusta ACE Hardware.  The Augusta High School Band helped with the set up of the tree lot and with sales. The Augusta Lions Club has made a dontation to the Augusta High School Band so they will be able to make their band trip.

Lion Mryna Rogers and the Augusta Lions Club hosted a bicycle clinic, downtown Augusta, Saturday, March 17th.  Registration started at 8:30 AM. The events commenced after the Bugs Bunny Club for 29 participants.

The Lee Miller Memorial Basket Ball court at The Bill Reed Lions Club Park is finished and ready for use for the community.

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