Argos Lions     Founded  1937


The Argos Lions club was chartered February, 10, 1937.  Fifty-eight original members signed the charter, with Charles Schoonover Jr. as president.  In our second year, 1938, the Argos Lions worked with the county extension office to organize a 4-H fair.  Several towns had previously held agricultural fairs that were not 4-H related. The Argos Lions took it upon themselves to found a fair that was focused on the youth of the county.  The Marshall County 4-H Fair began in 1939 and remains vibrant today.


The Lions fundraiser at the fair for many years was a Bingo tent.  People would play one to six cards at a dime a card.  Tickets were issued to bingo winners and the tickets redeemed for prizes. The majority of items for prizes were purchased at the former Hollands Hardware.  Another early fundraiser was selling freshly made donuts to travelers on Notre Dame football weekends.


The Lions began frying funnel cakes at the Blueberry Festival in 1986.  Initially, cakes were cooked in frying pans over gas burners under a tent.  After two years a trailer was purchased.  The club is now on its second trailer.  Our annual citrus sales have grown from a few cases in 1973 to half a semi-load of fruit each holiday season.


The former community building was planned jointly by the Lions and town and built in 1947.  The land was donated by Boston Stephenson for the 48’ x 160’ building.  The Lions managed the building through leases dated ’47, ’55, and ’63.  For many years the club met in the Friendship Room in the basement of the State Exchange Bank, now Lake City Bank.  The club moved to the Argos School Library in 1986 before moving to the B&R building in 1997.

Throughout the years the Argos Lions have supported state projects: Leader Dog, Eye Bank, Cancer Control, Speech & Hearing, Youth Exchange, Lions International Fund.  Locally we have supported many youth, school, and community projects, more than can be mentioned here.  The Argos Lions have brought Santa Claus direct to Argos from the North Pole for generations of kids.  The annual After-Prom entertains while providing a safe environment for prom-goers.  The After-Prom dates as early as 1959.  Working with Dollars for Scholars, the Lions Scholarship pays out $2000 yearly.  Advanced eye screening for children has recently been added as a yearly event.  The club continues to quietly provide children in need with eye exams and eyeglasses.

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