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Aquia Harbour Host Lions Club

P.O. Box 304

Stafford, VA  22555

emails will be answered with 48 hrs by President Joe Miller


        President – Joe Miller

       1st Vice President - Dave McKnight

       2nd Vice President - Tom Reed

       3rd Vice President - Chris Engleright

       1st Year Director - Adam Johnson

       1st Year Director -  John Robertson      

        2nd Year Director - Curt Johnson

        2nd Year Director - Ray Hornsby

        Secretary - Dan Visone

        Treasurer - Chris Scott

        Membership – Michael Anderson

        Public Relations - Fred Cannon

        Tail Twister - Tom Heck Howard

        Lion Tamer - Alexis Scott

        Immediate Past President – Dan Visone

        Newsletter Editor – Dan Visone

        Facebook - Chris Scott/Dan Visone

        Website - Dave McKnight






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