Aquia Evening Lions Club

P.O. Box 307

Stafford, VA  22555


emails will be answered with 24 hrs by President Cindy O'Grady or Rene Anderson

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        President – Cindy O'Grady

       1st Vice President - Brandi Bowles

        2nd Vice President – Vacant

        Director - Bea Klapak

        Director- Dodi Bunker        

        Director - Jane Stoll

        Director - Carol Byers

        Secretary - Sonya Trower

        Admin Treasurer – Donna Razler

        501c3 Treasurer - Dawn Teague

        Membership – Kathy Winter

        Public Relations – Jane Stoll/Cindy O'Grady

        Tail Twister – Sheryl Sinche

        Lion Tamer – Susan Schindler

        Immediate Past President – Kathy Tate

        Newsletter Editor – Sonya Trower

        Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/email – Cindy O'Grady/Renee Anderson

        Website – Sonya Trower


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