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Anchal is a city located in the centre of the Kollam district of Kerala, India. It is located between the National Highway 744 and the Main Central Road. The nearest city to Anchal is Punalur. The city is also close to Kadakkal, an agricultural village known for its spice production and the site of the Kadakkal Devi Temple.There are a number of different legends about the origin of the name Anchal. One legend speaks of how there used to be an "Anchalappis," at the site of the present Range Office (RO) junction from which the name "Anchal" originates.


Lions Club Anchal Town was founded in 1996. The club was chartered on 04, August 1996 under the presidentship of clubs charter president Lion Er V K Rajendran. ThePST comprised of charter President Ln. V K Rajendran, secretary Ln. S Thampi and Treasurer Ln. K yasodharan.

The Club meets regularly on every second and fourth saturday of the month at 1900 hrs.

The board of Directors meet on first Saturday of the month.


The correspondance address 

Lions Club Anchal town

Royals Auditorium, Royal junction              A Bus Stand in Anchal

Punalur Road, Anchal

Pin 691306

PST Lionistic Year 2014-2015

Lion G Shajilal                       President       Installing officer      MJF Lion Suriyaprabha




Lion Er G Rajendran Pillai               Secretary

Lion Shibu / Lion K S Jayaram        Treasurer

PST Lionistic Year 2015-2016

Lion G Shajilal                          President              installig officer    MJF G Hariharan

Lion Er G Rajendran Pillai        Secretary

Lion K S Jayaram                     Treasurer

PST Lionistic Year 2016-2017  

Lion K Sreedharan                     President

Lion Er K Devandran                  Secretary

Lion K S Jayaram                        Treasurer

PST Lionistic Year 2017-2018 

Lion Er G Rajendran Pillai            President   

Lion Aji K Rajan                           Secretary

Lion Sajeev George                     Treasurer

PST Lionistic Year 2018-2019 

Lion K Yasodharan                       President

Lion K S Jayaram                          Secretary

Lion Biju Kumar                            Treasurer

PST Lionistic Year 2019-2020 

Lion K Sreedharan                     President

Lion Nirmalan Mahadevan          Secretary

Lion Rajasekharan Nair              Treasurer



















































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