Date : 22/03/2014

Dear lions :

Today was the first meeting of our club lions Amman Alkaramah after the club charter was issued from Oakbrook , on a very special day, mothers day and Alkaramah battle date, an important day not only to Jordan but to all Arab countries.
And today at our club's first meeting, it was announced that our first accomplishment at the first day off it's foundation will present a gift to Jordan and the sector of Jordan and district 351.
Allow me to announce on behalf of myself and all members of lions Amman Alkaramah club to present to Jordan a mobile clinic for vision and clinical examinations, which is fully equipped with medical equipment and supplies to serve those who are in need within our society inside of a medium sized bus which will be registered under the name of lions Amman Alkaramah Lions club.
And those gold hearted people with generous souls and helping hand , from within the club who as soon as they heard about mobile clinic project stepped in with a donation of 3500 jd
So thank you our dear generous donors who will be honored at the notarization of the club. 

President of Amman Alkarameh Lions Club. 

We serve.

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