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    For many years Sanra's visit has been an exciting part of the holiday season in the Alton Park neighborhood.  We joyfully carrt-on this tradition this year.  The children here find the excitment almost beyond containing.

The Western Salisbury FD carry Santa, but motre than that are an equal moving force behind this great project.  Photos from past "rides" should be available soon in the gallery.


There are so man y projects that we support as a club.  Here is a sampling

  • we give to our local Blind Bowlers group
  • we were a key participant in a fairgrounds fundraiser for a young man in our area with incredible medical bills.  His issues were severe and his stays at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia extended.
  • have provided dozens of clothing articles for Roosevelt School since the school district began its uniform program in 2013
  • give a generous annual gift to the Center for Vision Loss in our valley – pledged during NEEDS NIGHT
  • support the area Turning Point program – the stable and safe place for abused women to go
  • and much, much more



To give you an even better idea of our work we’ll share a “snapshot” of a few of our project


The St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Pantry

This pantry is located just a few blocks from our meeting place.  St, Paul’s Parish (Roman Catholic) is the location. Each month our club gives a cash donation to aid this great mission.  In addition, members of Mountainville bring items for the pantry.  We have taken as our special responsibility pancake mix and syrups.

At Christmastime we made a special donation to this important outreach (along with our regular December gift),



Beacon Lodge Camp

“The Pennsylvania Lions Beacon Lodge Camp is a beautiful five hundred and eighty-three acre summer camp for children and adults with special needs including blindness, deafness, and many other physical and mental challenges.”  This year, once again, we have given a full campership to Beacon Lodge.  This gift is a donation of a bit more than five hundred dollars.

Members of our club also fill needs from the camp “wish list” and some of us also join the 500 club.

You can learn more of the Lodge’s history and work (and find out what a 500 club is) from their website (see OUR lively links section). P.S. you can join the 500 club too.  It’s just a small donation, but together these gifts do a world of good.



Roosevelt School Support

Our Main Support

   Allentown schools have had a uniform policy for three years now

      We have provided uniform items from the beginning

   This year over $1,000 has been budgeted for the project

      On the first day of school nearly 100 items were delivered

   More items will be delivered later in the school year

      The pieces of clothing are used for "minor disaster" situations and for help to the less fortunare


Touched by Their Courage

The Flight 93 National Memorial is located at the site of the crash of United Airlines flight 93 on 9/11 in western Pennsylvania.  As the memorial was being established we learned that tree sponsorships were being sought.  One of the trees there is placed through the donation from our club.  You will not find our name at the tree we donated.  The names there are the names of the tragic and heroic victims of this cowardly attack.  We were pleased to offer our help in honoring these folks.



A Daybreak Experience

Daybreak is an adult drop-in center for persons with a variety of life challenges. It provides three hot meals each weekday.  An opportunity for socialization and support, job readiness skills, art and music therapy and more all happen here.

Plans are proceeding for Mountainville to provide a meal in the future..  We had a successful firstt experience on July 30.   WE SERVE in many different ways.


Please consider joining us

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