Cotile Trade Days is managed by the Alexandria MacArthur Drive Lions Club and conducted at the Cotile Recreation Park in Rapides Parish near Alexandria, LA.  Overall Park operation and maintenance is the responsibility of the Rapides Parish Police Jury.  Cotile Trade Days is normally held once each year the last weekend of March (Saturday and Sunday).  When Easter falls in March, the date will be changed for that year. 



Cotile Trade Days has designated selling areas. Regular lots, Food lots and Recreation lots are available.  Vendors selling food or drink must reserve lots designated F1--F36  (Food row).  Vendors may sell or display only within the confines of his/her rented lot(s).  No hawking or outside selling is permitted at any time. On Sunday during a Trade Days Event, vendors may reserve their lot(s) for the next year by making application at the office before noon.  Following the event new lots may be rented for the next year by contacting MacArthur Drive Lions Club, P.O. Box 8686, Alexandria, LA 71306.  Contact information and vendor application is also available at


  1. No alcohol of any kind can be sold or provided. 
  2. All lots are 10 ft. wide and 12 ft. deep. Only 2 vehicles may park behind the lot space.
  3. Set-up.  Vendors may arrive and set-up after 6 a.m. on Friday at no charge. Prior arrivals must pay the regular daily fee charged by the Police Jury.  When you arrive on Friday, check in with the Trade Days office.
  4. At check-in you will be provided a vendor pass which must be posted on your booth.  One additional pass will be provided for your vehicle.  Other vehicles may be used to off-load merchandise but will not receive passes.  Passes must be shown any time you enter the Park.
  5. Electricity for a regular lot is $5.00-  RV’s, Travel trailers, Vans and Food Concessions are $10.00 for the week-end. Food Concessions must be able to plug into 110 VAC/30 amp or 220 VAC /50 amp plugs (see images on the Vendor application).  Direct wiring is not permitted.
  6. Cotile Trade Days is designed to be a family friendly and wholesome event.  Therefore in order to maintain a proper environment we reserve the right to restrict the sale, distribution or display of any printed materials, books, photographs, pictures or other representations.  Vendors may not display or distribute in any way political, religious or other solicitant materials without approval of management.
  7. Sales tax forms are available at the office and should be received at check-in.  On occasion, tax personnel may arrive and distribute forms.
  8. Occupational License Fees are not required but Food Vendors and Recreational Vendors must have insurance. 


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