Fall of 2022 thru Summer of 2023

PresidentDr. Richard Carmien

1st Vice President:  Stan Jacobs

2nd Vice President: John Eastis

3rd Vice President: TBD

Secretary: Doug Keenan 

Treasurer: Jim Sprague

Tail Twister

Lion Tamer

1st Year Board of Directors: Linda Cole, Jim Gawthrop                                              

2nd Year Board of Directors: Zac Baker, Jim McFarlin 

Director at Large: Bonnie Brownell

Past Presidents:

Duane Stohlman 2022, Linda Kanfel 2020-21, Jim McFarlin 2019, Herb Resler/Jim McFarlin 2018, Courtney Ginder 2017, Kent Schlotterback 2016, Bob Beckley 2015


Membership                           Randy Myers
Leader Dog                             Nancy Jacob
LCIF Coordination                 Stan Jacob
Fire Fighters breakfast          Cindy/Chris/Candy
Mints Sales                             Randy Myers / Jim McCoy
Eyeglasses/Hearing Aids      
Leo Membership                    Terrie Beckley
Newsletter                               Chris Magnuson
Santa Breakfast                      Candy/Randy Myers
Harvest Festival Booth          Past President
Chain of Lakes Chicken BQ  Frist Vice President
Citrus Sales                            Third Vice President
Easter Basket Raffle              Bonnie Brownell
Trash Bash                              Stan Jacob
Chicken Sales (Fireworks)    TBD
Most Improved Student         Candy Myers
Global Leadership                  TBD
Global Service                        TBD
Lions Clubs International News
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