Noble County Courthouse

May 2021

Meetings & Programs: 

August 23rd Board Meeting:

     Lion Rick Wysong reported on the Lions Food Booth at Wolf Lake Onion Days.  There was some rain this year, but the rib-eye sandwiches still sold well.  The net profit for Onion Days was $340.88. 

     Lion Jim McFarlin moved that the Albion Lions Club donate half of the leftover drinks to the Wolf Lake Food Pantry and half to the Central Noble Food Pantry.  Lion Terry Marker seconded and the motion carried. 

     Lion Stan Jacob moved that the Albion Lions Club donate $300.00 to the Wolf Lake Food Pantry.   Lion Randy Myers seconded and the motion carried.   

    Lion Stan Jacob noted that the defibrillator that was at the Northridge Village Nursing Home has been removed.  Lion Stan has ordered new pads for it.  Lion Terry Marker moved that the defibrillator be donated to the Albion Fire Department.  Lion Randy Myers seconded and the motion carried.  


September 7th First Regular Meeting                

Meeting to be held at the Brean Baptist Church at 6:30 pm              


Important Dates:

More to come as we set up our 2022 schedule





Donations and announcements:

Leader Dog for the Blind

2019-2020 545.27 and counting

2018 -2019 $563.27  

2016-2017 $1054.68

2015-2016 $714.07

$500 Scholership made to a Central Noble Student 

2019 Levi Leffers and Jacqueline Meza

2018 Randy Balser

2017 Hailey Norrisin

2016 Abbey Pilnock

2015 Andrea Brewster and Juan Croft

2013 Holly Rawles



History of Albion Lions Club

    Albion's Lion Club charter night was December 9,1952 and held in the old Albion High School gymnasium. The first meetings were held at the Schnetzlers Restaurant, located near the present Post Office on Orange street. The first President was James Girard.

     Some of the early projects were helping in the purchase of land for Chain-O-Lakes State Park. Building of tennis and basketball courts were the new High School is now. Three school crossing light, paying for glasses for students with families unable to afford them.

     Money was raised for these projects by holding pancake suppers, chicken barbecues, citrus fruit, popcorn, light bulb and broom sales.


Recent History

1995 Ladies joined the Club

2002 Club had 50th Anniversary

2003 Sponsored a LEO Club

2006 Lions 5K Run

2012 Dedication of Hidden Diamonds Pavillion to Dave Knopp

2012 Club had 60th Anniversary

2014 Helped raised funds for Town Splash Pad


 Current Members



 Fun Fact:

We have collected over 9,800 pairs of glasses in 2011

We have collected over 8,900 pairs of glasses in 2010


Our District 25-B has 1,580 members in 61 clubs


"Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional"



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