April 2014 

Akeley Lions Minutes

April 8th, 2014

We had 15/32 members present.

134 Volunteer Hours


The meeting was brought to order by Pres. Ed.  The pledge was recited, meal was served by Headwaters.  Shelly sent dessert.

Introduction of Guests – Tony from Akeley Ice Racing.

Secretary report was given.  Randall made a motion to accept and Roy 2nd it.

Treasures report was given. Frank mad a motion to accept it Dee 2nd it.

Gambling report was given by Ed on Kent’s behalf.  Roy made a motion to accept, George 2nd it.  Peg Davis from Akeley Chamber sent a letter asking if we were doing the fish fry again this year for Paul Bunyan Days and requesting a donation, was tabled because they need to request in person.  Was asked to help again with blood drive again this year. Accepted.  Tony from Akeley Ice Racing gave a big thank you, along with $500. Possibly to use towards Walker Honor program and or Pam Lindow foundation.  Randall and Ed will check into this.  John made a motion to accept George 2nd it.

Tail Twister by Deloris and Brandy.

French Fries for Paul Bunyan Days – John will talk to Lee Johnson.

Raffle for Paul Bunyan Days was discussed, Louise explained again about Hass printing and Free 2 night stay at the Hilton, and Vegas trip.  Was decided to do the drawing at 4:00pm on the Sunday of Paul Bunyan Days.  300 tickets will be printed, $10.00/ticket for 1st Prize-Vegas trip, 2nd Prize Hilton stay, 3rd Price Legion jacket donated by Tony.  All members need to sell 10 tickets.  Randall made a motion to accept it John 2nd it.

New members really need to get out there and get recruiting.

Brandy talked about safe program, Ed requested her to come to next gambling meeting.

Spring Clean-up on Highway 25.  April 24th at 4:00pm and then go to Iron Horse afterwards which is also the first day of Meat raffle there.  If possible we can’t do it that day because of wet or snow still please come and support the meat raffle.

Louise will bring dessert next month.

Paul Bunyan Days- Deloris and Jody will meet with mark B and order food.  Oil for fryer – decided to just get the cheaper oil.  Parade setup will be done by Frank and Brandy.  Jayden singing.

Thoughts & Prayers to Marilyn, Kent and Charlie.

Tony from Akeley Ice Racing again THANKED us for helping them out, and hopes we can help again next year.

Roy made a motion to adjourn and John 2nd it.

Meeting adjourned.

We need callers for the blood drive at the Methodist church, more info will be sent out with dates and times.

March 2014

March 11th, 2014

We had 11/30 members present.

79 Volunteer Hours

Meeting was brought to order by Kent Nelson(Gambling Manager).  Pledge was recited, guests were introduced.

A big thank you to Charles, for all the help with Ice racing. Laporte- Nary Lions Club were here President Charles introduced 7 members.  He shared with us some of programs they do- Ice Racing, Take a kid fishing, Vets dinner, Bingo, Laporte event, and many more.

Secretary report was given.  George made a motion to accept it, Shelly 2nd it.

Treasure report was given.  $140/$280 was given to Akeley food shelf.  (Double month). Dues need to paid, please do so.  Shelly made a motion to accept it Charlie 2nd it

Gambling report – noted only 3 members present meeting was cancelled.  Kent Mike & Jody were present.

Brandy did tail twisting – throw candy coins in hat for St. Pat. Day.

French Fries for Paul Bunyan Days- Stacy will talk to Lee Johnson.

Chamber Fish Fry on Friday, help is needed, be there at 2:00pm.

World lunch was discussed but not enough people to help.

Dinner was served, Dee made dessert.

Louise gave some info for raffle Tickets: Hass Printing – 200 - 48.50+tax           300 – $56.20 400 - $64.00  and 1 night stay at Hilton, Vegas trip - $1200 travel agent will handle details.   Price per ticket? $10.00 or $5.00. Don’t do raffle drawing until September.  Raffle tabled until next month.

Morton regional meeting ned to get info on.

New Member-If you have an idea for a new member we have a competition going with Nevis that ends in April.

shelly will do desserts

Safe parks program need to put on agenda for April.

George gave a thank you for the card.

Mike & Jerome are doing ok.

Stacy made a motion to adjourn, Louise 2nd it. Meeting adjourned.


February 2014

Akeley Lions Minutes

February 11th, 2014

We had 19/32 member present.

180 Volunteer Hours

Ed brought the meeting to order.

The pledge was recited, Charles gave prayer

the treasure report was given by Louise, Kent made motion to accept it Marcia 2nd it.

Jody brought desserts this month; Dee Dvorak will bring desserts next month. First Sec. Report was given, Roy made motion to accept it Shirley 2nd it. 2nd Sec. Report was given, Charlie made motion to accept it Roy 2nd it

Gambling report was given by Kent, at their meeting they discussed the pull tabs, all pull tabs need to be stored for three years and they have over five years. If you’re having a bonfire, please come and get some. Roy stated he will buy the hotdogs and we just have a bonfire. We received a permit from the state for iron horse so we can now set the meat raffle starting April’s  We are in an audit they are going through the last six months. Kent made a suggestion that we start the gambling meeting at 6 o’clock and instead of 5:30 PM George made motion to accept it Jody 2nd it.

Roy made a motion to accept the gambling report Stacy 2nd it

Stacy Nelson did the tail twister

We have an award for Cecile for being the secretary for the last 15 years and Ed will be going to talk to her & give it to her.

Signs were discussed we can order new emblems to put on the old signs and maybe talk to the Scout leaders about painting them or touching them up. Louise and Roy will talk to the will contact the scouts.

Tables for advertising were discussed Roy and Duane will check into seeing if they can make them.

Ice racing was discussed, it’s going good, they would like food down there maybe we can get something going.  Judy will check on a lunch wagon.

 Stacy will check with RDO about french fries for the fish fry.

 Chamber fish fry is March 14 from 4 to 7 please come and help. We are a chamber member.

 Sandy talked about the chocolate fun for next year’s spa for the women, dinner to follow by Lions maybe a newlywed game set for next Valentine’s Day Marie made mention about Mary Kay’s.  Roy made motion to accept it Marcia 2nd it.

Jody talked about eye bank, eye bank wants to share Stacy’s story, and we will bring information on what was posted next month.

Marcia discussed a fundraiser for the Tauber family who had a house fire the last everything even their pets the dinner and silent auction benefit will be Saturday, March 1 of 5 PM to 7 PM at the Akeley VFW, Frank Lamb will also be there playing music. Any donations are needed help in the kitchen is also needed firemen are handling your auction in the cleanup.

Permission was asked to buy envelopes and stamps so we send out the agenda and minutes to the people that do not make it to the meeting, we want to keep them up-to-date.  Louise made a motion to accept it, Marcia 2nd it.

Lion’s world lunch relay was discussed; I will check into the church about April 4 and let everyone know what is going on.

Charlie suggested a raffle for Paul Bunyan days for a machine needed to raffle, we need to get going now, come up with some ideas & cost.

Jody made a motion to adjourn, Shelly 2nd it.




Person responsible

Highway signs

Check with Boy Scouts

Louise & Roy

Tables for advertising

Making the tables

Roy & Duane

Food for ice racers

Lunch wagon


French Fries

Talk to RDO


Chamber Fish Fry


All that can

Lions world lunch

Check with Church & get info out to members


Raffle for Paul Bunyan Days

Machine and cost









Information on Lions World Lunch Relay April 4th:

April Is Family and Friends Month!

Invite family and friends to learn, serve and celebrate with your club in April. Organize a service project, plan an open house or host a lunch or picnic a way to introduce your family and friends to the club you love! It’s a great way to get new members.


Lions World Lunch Relay on April 4th

The Lions World Lunch Relay kicks off on April 4th at noon, and we’d like you to be a part of this special Family and Friends Month event! The Lions World Lunch Relay is a 24-hour, international event that brings families and friends of Lions together in their local communities with families and friends of Lions around the world. It’s a great opportunity to share a meal and celebrate your club’s success, the value of service, and the rewards of being a Lion.

Here’s how the Lions World Lunch Relay works:

Participating clubs will schedule a lunch for their family and friends on April 4th. The Lunch Relay will begin in New Zealand at noon. As clubs around the world host lunches in different international time zones, the Lunch Relay will move from time zone to time zone as Lions steadily pass the event around the world, forming the Lions World Lunch Relay!


January 2014

Akeley Lions Minutes

January 14, 2014


Meeting was brought to order by President Ed Dvorak. Pledge was recited.

Secretary report was given; Kent made a motion to accept, Shirley 2nd it.

Treasure report was given:  Food shelf will be given $90.00 in March for money raised at Lions Christmas party.  March is double month. Roy made a motion to accept, Charles 2nd it.

Gambling report was given; pull-tab machine is going back. Meat raffle at Iron Horse, Clerk from city of Nevis verified we are approved. Will be starting, the middle of April. Leroy mad a motion to approve, Frank 2nd it.

Aprils challenge$50.00 bet with Nevis for most new members.

Shirley Tatro setup ringing of bells – Rich, Martin, Roy John & Marcia all helped.

Kent made mention about advertising on tables made at the old Franks grocery store.  He will check on pricing.

Food Handling Licenses needs to be paid,  Marie made a motion to pay it now. Roy 2nd it.

Instead of doing the pontoon, Frank suggested new signs at the city limits. Need 3 signs. Jody will check on prices.

Tabled -  $50.oo to leukemia.

Ice racing was discussed – a liability issue.

Meal sheet was given to VFW kitchen for suggests.  Frank made a motion to accept, Deloris 2nd it.

Prayer call: Deloris Lamb, George Fake, Jerome Biessener, Mike Duclous.

Thank you was given by Akeley VFW from Charles, for the help on fruit baskets, Its really great for the community.

Meeting adjourned: Kent made a motion and Marie 2nd it.

December 2013 - No Meeting

November 2013


November 19, 2013

The November 19, 2013 meeting of the Akeley Lions was called to order by gambling manager Kent Nelson.

Pledge was recited.

 Special guest Zelda was here.

 Secretary report was given, Roy Miller made motion to accept it Shirley second it.

Treasure report was given:  January:  dues are due $ 57.50 for individual $90 per couple. Marie made motion to accept it, Randall second it.

Gambling report was given by Kent Nelson. We had four meat raffle games, discussion on pull tabs, meat raffle make some money but not enough, might need to resolve The gambling board discussion with Ed before discussion.   John made motion to accept it Amos second it.

Deloris did tail twister

Discussion on Christmas party, a dollar was needed for the governor per-person. Decided 6 o’clock Meal time. Tail twister would be done and the money would go to the food shelf everyone was bring raffle item or food.

January presentation:  having advertising on pontoon.

Akeley chamber dues $25 are due Roy made motion to pay them, Marcia 2nd it.

Bell ringing was setup by Shirley.  Shirley to give report at January meeting.

Sick call – Ed Dvorak has pneumonia.  Prayers for Jerome.

Rich made motion to adjourn Stacy second it.

Meeting adjourned

Sec. Jody Karl



December 9th  - We visited the Nevis Club it was held at the Velvet Antler.  Nevis planned a very nice program.  Frank and Fran entertained with beautiful music, Phil Busch even blessed us with a song.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the night some even left with Christmas flowers.

Gambling minutes were read and accepted.  Website was talked about - really would like input from everyone.  send pictures.  Christmas caroling was discussed - tuesday the14th 6:00pm.  bring your family & friends!  Fruit baskets will be delivered next week for anyone that wants to help.

Financial Statement                                                                                                            
          Nov/Dec                              Admin Fund        Community Fund        Total
Beginning Balance                          $756.27                $1,489.75               $2,246.02
          October Interest                       $0.20                                                    $0.20
          October TT/dinner                 $101.00                                                 $101.00
          November Interest                    $0.22                                                    $0.22
          Nov Dues                               $57.50                                                  $57.50
          Void Check 2057                                                 $150.00                  $150.00
Total Receipts                                 $158.92                   $150.00                  $308.92
Balance before Expenses                  $915.19               $1,639.75                $2,554.94
Check #2112 11/30/2010                                                 $200.00                  $200.00
          VFW Fruit Baskets                                                                           
Total Disbursements                                                        $200.00                  $200.00
Ending Balance 12/9/2010                  $915.19               $1,439.75                $2,354.94
Meeting adjourned.
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