Agra Ashok Lions
"Volunteers are not paid .....
not because they are worthless but because they are priceless"

Permanent Projects:

# Charitable Ambulance Van

# Club Adopted Basic School

# Sewing, Stiching & Beautician Training Center

# All Season's Water Point (Piyao)


Service Activity's:

Project: Hariyali
Project Chairperson: Lion Hardeep Kumar Middha

Plantation at Shani dev mandir, Brij Vihar, Kamla Nagar (3rd July 2011)

Project: Help of Deaf & Dumb Child
Project Chairperson: Lion B.M Dhupar
Help for the operation of Deaf & Dumb Child (10th Nov 2011)

Improvement of child's Health was demonstrated to the Governor MJF Lion Rakesh singhal on his official visit of club (9th June 2012)


Project: Help of Sewing,Stiching & Beautician Training Center

Project Chairperson: MJF Lion MM Saxena
Project Co-chairperson: Lion KS Chaddha
Help for the development of Sewing,Stiching & Beautician Training center (10th Nov 2011)

Project: Blood Donation Camp
Project Chairperson: Lion D.N Bhasin
Project Co-chairperson: Lion Prashant Sagar

Blood Donation at Lions Mahan Charitable Blood Bank, Kamla Nagar (23rd April 2012)


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