Twin Clubs Legacy Project, South Pacific Memorial Peace Park

The South Pacific Peace Memorial Park Bench Legacy Project is a joint project with twin clubs Urayasu Lions Club, District 333-C, Japan and Agat Guamerica Lions Club, District 204, Guam. The Peace Memorial Park is located in Yigo, Guam. The twin clubs engage in mutual mission of friendship, peace, and humanitarian service. Each of the two benches measure 2' X 12'. The benches include cemented walkways. The benches will serve many visitors of the park from all over the world. Urayasu Lion Club's Legacy Project commemorates its 50th Anniversary on April 2022 while Agat Guamerica Lions Club commemorates its 30th Anniversary on March 2022, as a lions clubs. Both clubs celebrate their 5th year of twinning by participating in the joint project.



Ypao Park District 204 Monument Tree Planting

On the morning of January 16, 2022, IPDG Sumie H. Kuba reports to police officers that two (2) Champagne Trees at Ypao Park District 204 Monument were uprooted and stolen. Volunteers from Guam Spirit Lions Club and Agat Guamerica Lions Club spend Saturday morning weeding and planting. PDG Lion Herbie donates two trees, Fish Tail Palms, to take the place of the stolen trees. Guamerica Lion Nenita Cruz donates plants from her garden. Spirit Lion Ellery Paz and Guamerica Lion Prexy Edwin Cadag dig holes to prepare ground for tree planting. Volunteers from Agat Guamerica are Lion Prexy Edwin, IPDG Sumie, Lion Nenita and friend, Lion Cielo de los Reyes and Lion Sachiko Hashigucchi.


Feeding the Hungry, Ministry to the Homeless

Agat Guamerica Lion Club's annual feeding of the hungry service event occurred on Dec. 17, 2021, at the Ministry to the Homeless, Hagatna, Guam. Meals - sixty (60) plates were distributed to the Ministry with thirty (30) plates donated by Jamaican Grill Restaurant, a fervent community partner in feeding the homeless. Charter member, Lion Annie Payne, donated the remaining thirty plates. Jamaican Grill continues to be a partner with Guamerica in feeding the hungry. Pictured with Guamerica members is Ministry to the Homeless program director, Dores Royal.


Childhood Cancer Donation

Guamerica answers call for assistance for family in need. Rolando "Raffy" Pinaula is seven years old, afflicted with LEUKEMIA. "Raffy" with parents Susan and Phil are staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Los Angeles as "Raffy" is in admission and receives treatment at the Children's Hospital, Los Angeles, California. They have been there since October 2021 and will remain there until his doctors deem it okay to return to Guam. Agat Guamerica Lions Club donates $500 to the family. POC is auntie, Rosa Q. Salas pictured below with members presenting the check.


Eyeglasses Donation, FBLG Middle School

F. B. Leon Guerrero Middle School's Nurse, Aileen Jaleco reaches out to Guamerica Lions Club to aid 7th grade student, Bejerly Akiki, to acquire much needed eyeglasses. Nurse Jaleco contacts FBLG teacher and lion, Cielo de los Reyes, to offer help to family who lacks medical insurance. Community partner, Optometrist Margie Agahan, Agahan Optical, is happy to receive referral from nurse Jaleco. The Akiki family is met by Lion Prexy Edwin S. Cadag and Lion Cielo at Agahan Optical on Oct. 29, 2022, where eye exam was performed and eyeglasses fitted to Bejerly. The family is very appreciative of Agat Guamerica's eyeglasses donation.



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