This Marathon is one of the more popular marathon's in the United States.  People from all around, even other countries, come to run, or walk, in this event.  There are many ways you can participate.  Its a 26 mile long marathon.  You can either run the 26 mile marathon, the 13.6 mile marathon, the 10k marathon, or the 5k marathon.  There are even people that like to just walk the 5k.  Along the route there are water stations available with cereal mix, gatorade, water, and oranges.  These water stations are where people in Abilene volunteer their time.  There are multiple water stations, each filled usually with at least 5 people handing out food and cheering the runners on.  The Lions have run a water station for years, but in the last couple of years they have resorted in staying at the finish line handing out bottles of water and wrapping the runners in blankets.  As you can tell there are many ways for people to help in this event.

     Leo's freezing at the marathon!!

              Cheering on the runners


 The finish line


                Lions Kenneth, Larry, and Lease helping at finish line

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