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E-mail us at

Mailing address:  Aberdeen Lions Club

                               PO Box 111

                               Aberdeen WA 98520    


List of Officers        2017-2018

  President  -                    Robert Braden

 1st Vice President  -           Aaron Gillies

  2nd Vice President  -     Mike Barkstrom

  3rd Vice President  -    Andrea Leal

  Secretary   -                 Erv Granahan

  Treasurer  -                  Fred Thurman

  Tail Twister  -                Mike O'Connor

  Lion Tamer -               Candy Palmer,

                                    Jene'e Bearden

  1 Year Directors  -            David Wilhelms & Price Chenault

2 Year  Directors  -                 Nancey Bryson & Brian Peck

  Membership  -               Andy Palmer

  Imm. Past Pres -        Steve Fowler



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