The Zephyrhills Lions Club was originally organized and chartered by The Lions Clubs International in 1943.  For over 70 years, we’ve been directly involved with various aspects of providing eye care services to thousands of local Pasco County individuals.

Membership in the Zephyrhills Lions Club is open to all persons 18 years old and older, of good moral character, and who are recommended by a current member.  We are always looking for good people who want to make our community, our region and our nation a better place.  The Lions Club is not a fraternal, business, social or political organization.  It is people of good will, banded together to serve their fellow man in ways which we cannot do alone.  Our motto is “WE SERVE.  Frankly, this requires hard work, and each member is expected to do his part.  We share the load so that the load of the less fortunate will not be so heavy.

The reward is great.  We enjoy the fellowship of some of the finest people in the community.  We are warmed by the thanks of those we help.  We take pride in being part of an organization well-known for its leadership in the effort to solve our community’s problems.  But above all, the Lions Club is a means for us to express the goodwill that is in our hearts.

We invite you to visit with us.  Come to a business meeting, meet the members, learn what we do, and find out if the Lions is the place for you to serve.  Joining Lions could not be easier. You only need a desire to serve your community and help your fellow man, women or children, and a Lion to sponsor you. We invite all those who are interested to contact any one of the Zephyrhills Lions Club officers listed below.  (If you communicate via e-mail but do not use Outlook Express, copy and paste any of the e-mail addresses below into your own e-mail service provider).


Our business meetings are held at our Dean Dairy Road club hall at 6:00 PM on every second Monday of the month.  Our meetings are dinner meetings with dinner being served at 6:05 at a cost of $5.00.  First-time guests. . . . . your meal is on us.  Drop in anytime . . . . Enjoy!!




John DeLorenzo   (President)
land line:  (813) 779 - 7363
cell:  (813) 783 - 4808


Cheryl Randolph   (1st Vice President)
land line:  (813) 355 - 3826
cell:  (641) 799 - 1663


Kathy Gillespie   (Secretary)
cell:  (904) 612 - 4146


Althea Spencer   (Treasurer)
land line:  (813) 355 - 4579
cell:  (813) 406 - 2392


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