Wolverine Lions
2010 Farm Stock Pulling Rules
Entry fee:   $10.00 per Hook
The safety committee has the right to stop and/or disqualify any contestant if the tractor is being operated in an unsafe manner or there is evidence of drugs, alcohol or unsportsman like conduct. The decision of the safety committee is final.
1.         Tractors register (1) one hour before scheduled pull & weigh in immediately after
his/her hook. Must weigh in at his/her minimum weight class or 100 pounds over & verified by a Club member. First puller is the test puller & will re-pull immediately If necessary.   Pulling order will be determined by draw.
2.         Tractor may pull unlimited times in class with different driver (placing only once). 
Driver must remain seated at all time no bouncing & one hand on steering wheel (verbal warning for 1st offense, 2nd warning will be DQ) & starting w/a tight chain. 25 Foot rule applies-stalling/wrong gear etc. the puller may start over if he/she stops before 25 feet. Any objects falling off the tractor during hook will result in DQ.
3.         Tractor and engine must be brand name with serial number in proper place.
No alterations that change appearance from the original specs are allowed. Engine block, head, & carburetors must be standard or acceptable replacement parts for year and model. All tractors must be field-worthy.
4.         No slipping of clutch or changing gears. Torque Amp shifting permitted provided forward movement of transfer sled tires does not stop. No modified governor controls—no more than 10% RPM over factory specs.
5.         Draw bar height limited to 20 inches-length minimum 18 inches from center of rear tires to point of hook.
must be stationary in all directions-cannot be connected to any hydraulic assists. Horizontal clevis and/or
hitching devise with minimum 3 inch opening required.
6.         Driver must be at least 14 years of age-a signed permission slip required by a legal guardian/parent
for those under 18 years of age.                                                                                                                                                          
7.         All weights must be securely attached from a metal bracket. Bungie cords and ratchet straps may only be used to stabilize the weights. If any weights fall off on the track the pull will stop and you will be disqualified. Weights will not extend 2 feet past the front tire or beyond the circumference of the rear tire.
8.         Tire size limited to (2) two sizes over the standard. Shaved/sharpened/cut tires can pull once for exhibition
with registration fee paid and time allows. No steel wheeled or lug wheel tractors allowed.
9.         Tractor speeds will be no more than 3 ½ miles per hour and no higher than 2nd gear.
10.     Sled volunteers will not mount sled until the front of the sled has passed their designated spot. No additions after 70 feet.
11.     Weight Classes: (Must weigh in at minimum weight class)
0-2500            Lbs                                   4501-5500 lbs
2501-3000 lbs                              5501-6500 lbs
3001-3500 lbs                              6501-8500 lbs
3501-4500 lbs                              8501-10000 lbs
12.     Any tractor that does not conform to the stated rules may pull for exhibition upon approval of the safety committee and payment of the entry fee.    (One time only)
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