An Invitation from the Lions Club of Valparaiso

If you live in the Valparaiso area and have an interest in participating in service to your community, without personal financial reward, we invite you to contract one of our member Lions or contact us via one of the media listed on our contact page.  

Member Lions:    Don Burch,  Joe Clifford,   Jim Cline,   Chris Condo,   Donna Cummins, Chris Fields, Susan Gourley, Ed Hampson,   Leonard Hamrick,   Joellen Ireland,  Kelly IrelandRichard Ireland,   Carl Johnson,   Jack Kinsey,   Bob Mahoney,   Lisa Marek,   Gregory Miller,    P.D.G. Bob Morgan,  Jerry Newman,  Tim Norman, Aileen Plew, Steve Plew, Jim Portelli,   Elisha Porterfield,  Ryan Porterfield,  Andy Riggle,   Vicky Roberts,   Mark Seeger,    Dean Stolpe,    John Tomzcak  Don Tursman, Todd Wooten, Eric Zosso,  Jeff Zulich,   Jodi Zulich  

The Valparaiso Lions fondly remember Lion Paul Zulich and Lion Larry Clark and Lion Ed Buttlar, who passed away. They were all great Lions, good friends, and good people.


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