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  • 28 July 2016 - 1st BoD Meeting at Hotel Abbott, Vashi hosted by Ln R R Jindal, Ln Prakash Asrani & Ln Sanjay Gupta

  • 24 July 2016 - Food disytibution to Cancer Patients at Koparkhairane

  • 14 July 2016 - Sewing Centre Opening by DG MJF Ln Subhash Bhalwal, Turbhe
  • 3 July 2016 - Installation Ceremony for Ln Rajesh Dala & his team for the Lionistic year 2016-17 at Hotel Yogi Midtown, Turbhe




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Our History                                                                            Back to Page Top


Name of Club

Lions Club of Turbhe

Club Identification Number


Date of Inauguration

September 14, 1990

Sponsoring Club / 

Extension Chairman

Lions Club of Airoli / 

Lion Naresh Rawat

Date of Charter

March 17, 1991

Charter President

Lion C M Sane

Membership (As on Jul 1, 2016)


Charter Members

(As on Jul 1, 2014)

Lion Prakash Rao

Lion Vijay Ganatra

Lion Suhas Nandodkar

Lions  Club Sponsored by us

Mar 27, 1996 - Lions Club of APMC

Nov 27, 2007 - Lions Club of Palm Beach Oceanic

Jun 19, 2010 - Lions Club of Kalamboli Jewels

2011 - Lions Club of Navi Mumbai Visionary




























Woh Jinki Yaad  Hame Aati Hai                               Back to Page Top

Late Lion Rajan Jethi            


(13/06/1953 - 28/07/2004)     


Late Lion Dr. Shyam Munde


(24/08/1954 - 07/05/2005)


Late Lion Claudias Castelino


(01/09/1955 - 10/07/2006)



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This section contains contact information for all the members of Club. From here you can send them e-mail, call or visit their personal home pages (if any).

Alphabetical listing, by last name:           Back to Page Top



Arora, Naresh

Contact : 09892567274

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Arora, Sanjay

Contact : 09324910315

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Asrani, Prakash S

Contact : 09833117622

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Boramani, Dr. Jagannath

Contact : 09820151775

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Dalal, Rajesh Kumar

Contact : 09930303233

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Ganatra, Vijay, MJF

Contact : 09322227767

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Gupta, Anil K, MJF

Contact : 09820759329

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Gupta, Dr. Ashish

Contact : 09820494289

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Gupta, Sanjay Kumar

Contact : 09323452535

Back to Top

Iyer, Raja Sreekrishnan

Contact : 09819098648
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Iyyani, Sudev Sathian


Contact : 09967061348

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Jati, Aurovindo


Contact : 09892376661

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Jindal, R R

Contact : 09821098651 

Back to Top

Kamble, Anand Santu, MJF

Contact : 09821389221

Back to Top


Kapoor, Capt. Yograj

Contact : 09322672672

Back to Top

Khan, Mushtaque

Contact : 09821211677
Back to Top


Kumar, Santosh

Contact : 09821128093
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Mandve, Deepak


Contact : 092233 79496



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Mathew, Gigy P

Contact : 09820131365

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Mathur, Raghvansh

Contact : 09821417245


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Mohanty, Dr. P K

Contact : 09322223033

Back to Top

Nandodkar, Suhas

Contact : 09870088110

Back to Top

Nair, Madhusoodhanan, MJF

Contact : 09820071424

Back to Top

Nair, Sanil

Contact : 09322646332

Back to Top

Nair, Sunil Kumar

Contact : 09819054187

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Back to Top

Parmeswaran, N R

Contact : 09867325702

Back to Top

Patil, Dr. D K

Contact : 09821232774

Back to Top


Pillai, Rajan D

Contact : 09821133748

Back to Top

Punjabi, Naresh

Contact : 09819199234

Back to Top

Ramanathan, G

Contact : 02227666565
Back to Top

Sanas, Vasant

Contact : 09322844471
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Saxena, Arun K, MJF

Contact : 09322521490

Back to Top

Saxena, Sudhir

Contact : 09892073745
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Sebastian, Sunny

Contact : 09323289343

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Sinha, Amalan

Contact :09820024939
Back to Top


Shinde, Vijaykumar

Contact : 09322652986
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Shrivastav, Shashank

Contact : 09920428066

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Srivastava, Dr. Ranjan P.

Contact : 09867033101
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Tripathi, Satish

Contact :09820517751
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Upadrasta, Prakash Rao


Contact : 09323189538

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Activity Chairman (2016-17)                                                 Back to Page Top

Activity Name

Activity Committee Chairperson*

Rural Development

PMJF Ln N R Parameshwaran

Environment & Membership Development

MJF Ln Vijaya Ganatra

Youth Exchange

Lion Sudheer Saxena

Lohari Celebrations

Lion Dr Ranjan Srivastava

Onam & Board Advisor

MJF Ln Madhusoodhanan Nair

PST Schooling 

MJF Lion Raghuvansh Mathur

Punjabi Festival

Lion Naresh Arora

Lion Lady Auxiliary

LL Sujatha Nair

Peace Poster

Lion Sanjay Kumar Gupta


MJF Lion Arun K Saxana

Animal Welfare

Lion Dr. D K Patil

Christmas Celebration

Lion Sunny Sebestian

Youth Exchange Program

Lion Sudheer Saxana

Sight First / Cataract

MJF Lion Anand Kamble / Lion J Boramani

Orientation / Environment

Lion Vasant Sanas

Dental Care for Kids

Lion Dr. Ashish Gupta

Service Week

Lion Vasant Sanas

Medical Camps / Aids & HIV, Thalassemia & Diabetes Awareness

MJF Lion Vijay Ganatra

RAP, Picnic/ Events

Lion Mushtaque Khan

Help the Handicap 

Lion Sudev Sathian Iyyani

Sight for Kids

Lion Prakash Rao


Lion Sunny Sebestian

Adivasi Upliftment

Lion Udaykumar V Pille

Blood Donation

MJF Lion Santosh Kumar


MJF Lion Anil Gupt

Child Education

Lion D Murlidharan


Lion Naresh Punjabi



Legal Aid

Lion R R Jindal







































































































































  Board of Directors (2016-17)                                  Back to Page Top  



Lion Rajesh Dalal

Immediate Past President

MJF Lion Raghuvansh Mathur

1st Vice President

Lion Sanjay Arora

2nd Vice President

Lion Deepak Mandve

3rd Vice President

Ln Raja Iyer


Lion K M Biju


Lion Abhay Waikar

Jt. Secretary

Ln Devesh Jain

Jt. Treasurer

Lion Sunil Nair

Tail Twister

Lion Sanil Nair

Lion Tamer

Lion Vijay Shinde


Lion Sudheer Saxena


Lion Vasant Sanas


Lion Sunny Sebastian


Lion Amalan Sinha


Lion Rajan Pillai


Lion Satish Tripathi

Board Advisor

MJF Lion Madhusoodhanan Nair


Lion Sanjay Kumar Gupta

Bulletin Editor

MJF Ln Anil Gupta

Membership Development

MJF Ln Vijay Ganatra

Lion Lady Auxiliary

Lion Lady Sujatha Nair

Ex-Officio Members

Ln Prakash Rao

Ln Arun Kumar Saxena

PMJF Lion N R Parameswaran

Ln Ranjan Srivastava

Lion Mushtaque Khan

MJF Lion Anand S Kamble

Lion Dr P. K. Mohanty

Ln Naresh Arora

Naresh Punjabi












Our Representation in the District (2016-17)                      Back to Page Top


Sr. No.

Cabinet Member



PMJF Lion N R Parameswaran

Rural Development


MJF Lion Arun Saxena



MJF Lion Raghuvansh Mathur

PST Schooling

4 MJF Lion Madhusoodhanan Nair Onam Celebrations


MJF Lion Anil K Gupta

Trust Registration & 80G


Lion Sudheer Saxena

Youth Exchange

7 MJF Lion Vijay Ganatra Environment (Moffusil)
8 MJF Lion Anand S Kamble Cataract Surgeries


Lion Vasant Sanas



Ln Dr Ranjan Srivastava

Lohari Celebrations


Lion Sunny Sebestian

Christmas Celebrations


Lion Naresh Punjabi

Sports Events
















Galaxy of our Past Presidents & Lion Lady Auxiliaries                        Back to Page Top


Past Presidents





Past Lion Lady Auxiliaries

Lion MJF Ln Raghuvansh Mathur 2015-16 Lion Lady Neeta Saxena

Lion Sanil Nair

  2014-15 Lion Lady Deepa Punjabi
Lion Sanjay Kumar Gupta 2013-14 Lion Lady Indu Arora
Lion Naresh Punjabi
Lion Lady Chandani Mathur
Lion Naresh Arora        2011-12 Lion Lady Madhulika Gupta
Lion Dr. P K Mohanty        2010-11 Lion Lady Renu Arora
Lion Madhusoodhanan Nair, MJF        2009-10 Lion Lady Sindhu Nair

Lion Anand S Kamble, MJF


Lion Lady Gulzarina Khan

I.P.P Lion Mushtaque Khan


Lion Lady Renuka Gupta

Lion Dr. Ranjan P. Srivastava


Lion Lady Bharti Ganatra

Lion N R Parmeshwaran


Lion Lady Anita Srivastava

Lion Sunny Sebastian


Lion Lady Shamila Kamble

Lion Sudha Saxena, MJF


Lion Lady Gretta Castelino

Lion Ravindra Vairagi


Lion Lady Suman Saxena

Lion Vasant Sanas


Lion Lady Dr.Surakha Mude

Lion Sudhir Saxena


Lion Lady Vijaya Sanas

Lion Vijay Ganatra, MJF


Lion Lady Kshama Rao  

Late Lion Rajan Jathe


Lion Lady Radhika Ramanathan

Lion Anil K. Gupta, MJF


Lion Lady Neeta Saxena 

Lion Arun K. Saxena, MJF



Lion G. Ramanathan



Lion Prakash Rao



Late Lion Claudias Castelino



Lion B. N. Patkar



Lion C. M. Sane















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